To all new pilots in AIEU who will be present at the upcoming battle of NOL


My name is Lanctharus Onzo and I will be helping coordinate our new pilots in the upcoming battle in NOL.

Please add me to your contact list within EVE and let me know if you will need ships for the fight.  I will start contracting out Rifters, Punishers & Talwars to all our new recruits to keep you in the fight.

In the meantime make sure you have Mumble and a Jabber client installed and properly configured to TEST services.  These service will be critical to our defense of NOL.

Here are some tips for your first big fight:

    • The Northern Goon Legion is taking advantage of game mechanics to try and limit the number of our pilots from logging in.  Grrrr GOONS!
  • Always listen to your FC (Fleet Commander)
  • Always align your ship to the specified location as soon as your FC tells you to
  • Try to keep unnecessary chatter to a minimum unless your FC tells you otherwise
  • The FC is always right unless he’s not.  But he is still right anyways.
  • Remember that the fight is scheduled on EVE time
  • If your ship blows up so what!  There are thousands more available.
  • Have fun!

I will be hanging out in Vent in the EVE channel to help you out on the day of the fight.  Do not hesitate to ask whatever question you might have.

Keep checking this post on the TEST forums for more details regarding regarding logistics and fleet composition:

In the meantime here is a motivational video to squee over.