AIE Podcast Ep 150 — “Show Not Found”

No Video this week, you will have to imagine the visual hilarity!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast..

– Nerdtacular is Near!

– Blizzard Services on Sale!

– Green wall at Work!

– Dragon Bashing is Fun!

– And we talk with Hoots and Stu about Eve Online!

All that and more coming up right now…



Nerdtacular countdown! We are at a mere four weeks until the big event! This is just a friendly reminder to make sure all your travel plans are in order and your rooms are booked! And this just in from twitter, there will be a cash bar reception (and soda bar!) on thursday evening. Details will be coming to the website soon!


There’s been a lot of chatter about the jabber client on the forums! What’s Jabber? Well it’s AIE’s out of game greenwall chat! More members are connecting out of game just to hang out wit the guild. If you find yourself missing greenwall, head on over and check it out. Details on how to connect are inside.


Just a reminder, simply because there are so many multi-player and MMO games coming out, please do not take it upon yourself to ‘establish’ AIE in any of these games. We have an whole process where we DO move into new games, but we like to make it official! Check this post in the forums for information how to go about doing such if you’d like to see AIE other places!


World of warcraft character services are 50% off until June 10th! Faction changes, server changes, race and name changes! All half off! If you have been waiting for a great time to join us over on Earthen Ring, or want to bring over that much missed character, now is the time!!


Rifts ‘free weekend’ extended until the game goes Free to play on June 12th! How do you get in on to free to play early? Well if you have ever purchased a copy of rift, you are already in! Remember, AIE is on the Deepwood shard, and they have lifted all previous faction restrictions to boot!


Dragon bash is coming to Guild wars 2 this June 11th! Dragon bash is an all new festival where you will hopefully be…bashing dragons! But that’s not all this event  has to offer! There are new events, new armors, achievements, and yes! Even new mini pets! Check out the website to see all this event has to offer!


And speaking of guild wars, Devon Carter, a world vs. world designer for guild wars 2 has an interview up on the site! Go check it out as he talks about the future of world vs. world combat, including upcoming changes to gameplay and mechanics to make the battles more epic and exciting!


For links to all the items we just covered, see the show notes at, or of course, read the forums!


And with that, let’s jump into some Eve news!




Odyssey Expansion

Here Stu and Hoots can gloss over some of the major changes taking place in this new expansion.

  • Jump gate effect and new station models.  Prettifying everything.

  • Economic disarray — resources for producing stuff is getting switched up.

  • Boring ship rebalances — but pretty ship redesigns.

  • They completely overhauled the exploration system. It’s much easier now.

  • Boring skill rebalances and changing skill requirements for some stuff.  It’s really boring if you don’t play EVE though.  Really.  Really.  Boring.

  • Some UI changes.

  • There are 52 pages of patch notes that I’m not going to bore you with.


What Have We Been Doing



  • Strategic ops, More Strategic Operations, Another Strat Op.

  • I saw two of the biggest ships in the game die in a single day [one was a baby :-(]

  • Explain medical clones and how I “wasted” 24 days (Battlecruisers V).

  • Nothing. There is NO fourth thing.

The Battle of 1-SMEB (Sierra Mike Echo Bravo)

There’s a lot of fighting happening in this system. There are complicated reasons why said fighting is happening.  I am in the process of writing a Who’s Who In Nullsec Politics for AIE Newbies that will be posted on the forums within the week or so. The reasons behind these battles are literally like reading The Guns of August by Barbara Tuckman.


Breaking News: Goonswarm is Invading Fountain!

  • They are staging out of some system called… uh… who cares.

    • B-DBYQ (Bravo Dash Delta Bravo Yankee Quebec) for those who do.

    • NATO Phonetic in fleets tangent

  • Why are they invading?

    • Money.  The expansion left them “destitute.”

    • That’s really it.  No hard feelings.  Right?



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Hoots and Stu for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Ahood about AIE in Rift!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Alludra’s Pets

– Overly Dramatic News

– MegaMinute

– Ask Miss Mulgra


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