The AIE Podcast Ep 148 — #aietribb-ulations!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

A war in EVE you can really ‘delve’ into

Ridiculous Raptr Rift Rewards!

World of Warcraft gets a new patch!

Cap’n Hunter and ?? talk about Star Trek: Online

All that and more coming up right now…


Maxx on the forums has a warning for AIE SWTOR players, it seems accounts are getting caught up in suspensions or bans if they move bound color crystals in legacy weapons. SWTOR has since decided some of the accounts were unfairly banned and released a patch to fix the exploits, if your account was not unlocked, contact


There appears to be something of a…large WAR going on in ‘delve’ within EVE, and AIE is participating. Check out the forum post called In Defense of Delve for more information. This is a call to arms folks!

Book of Heroes is humming along nicely! This weekend is Double Guild Loyalty rewards, so make sure and raid as much as ya can to get to level 5!  I’m still trying to get everything aligned and we might end up collapsing a bit more, just to make sure all the guilds have enough, but we’ll get there!


The folks that do Lairs (Raids) in Secret World are still meeting weekly! Check out the thread for the League of Dynamic Dischord (all hail Pyramidian!) that gets updated with what they’re currently working on in the forums! They’re a really great group of folks, very generous with time and in-game currency! They need more folks to show up so they can try some of the more complex bosses out there.


So if you are listening to the news here and NOT in game, you’re already missing it, but keep in mind, 16 mans ARE happening in SW:TOR. Emperor Pelpatine put up a post regarding the Gree Xenoanalyst, there are a few requirements to be able to join up, but check it out for the info so you can be ready for next time!


World of warcraft’s patch 5.3 has dropped! This is a huge patch that has many awesome updates including the new Darkspear rebellion questline, 18 new pets! (yay!) and Waay too much stuff to mention! (Like daily server restarts! and constant mod updating oooo)


Raptr has more rift rewards! Raptr, a social networking site for gamers, has teamed up with Rift to allow players to earn free pets, gear, and ultimately, a free copy of Rift’s expansion Storm legion. Remember rift is free to play up to level 20 until this june when the entire game goes free to play! So go and enjoy!



Star Trek Online

Hot on the heels of a new Star Trek movie a new expansion just launched. “Legacy of Romulus”

It’s FREE!

You can now play Romulans, Klingons and Feds from level 1 up to max level (50)

Romulan story line is just amazing.

Choose Fed or Klingon to ally with at level 10.

New UI matching each faction (plus things like separating chat tabs into new windows)

Movie poster like character selection screen (not just you, but your ship … your crew…)

Great new Klingon content starting you out at level 1 (and just how DOES a Klingon get command of a ship? *wink wink*)


General game related:

Legacy packs are still available.


Lifetime subscriptions are on sale until June 21st! $199 down from $299.

– a few of the lifetime perks: full foundry access, play as a liberated Borg, costume insignia, Captain’s Yacht shuttle (ship), android bridge officer, free ship (heavy destroyer) plus TONS of little things like respecs, costume pieces, etc.


Replay missions are going on now, so you can earn limited time mission rewards again for completing past featured missions. Get things like an Ophedian cane, Breen bridge officer, Reman bridge officer, and more.


Fleet related:

Closing in on 100 crew members, at least 80+ of which are actual people. But we are expecting an influx of alts. 😉


We are now a level 8 fleet and just about to wrap up Embassy tier 2 and start construction on Starbase tier 3, starting with the upgraded shipyard that should be starting soon.


We are planning an in-game get together sometime in the next two week or two as the starbase has a TON of new goodies, including a dance floor, a bigger bar, and lots of fun little additions.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Captain Hunter and RattoZatto  for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to world of warcraft

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

PVP 101

Ask Miss Mulgra


Overly Dramatic News

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