New Guildie of the Moment: Congratulations to Liranei!

We have a new guildie of the moment! Everyone give three cheers to Liranei of World of warcraft! There was seriously so many wonderful things said about this guildie that we can’t list them all here but the highlights are:

  • Liranei has been an incredible contributor to the Craft Faire. [When] I mentioned that I needed “fel iron, fel iron and more fel iron” and he delivered so much that I still have a guild bank tab full!
  • A lot of the things he does are behind the scenes things that 99% of the guild will never know about. But Liranei is too awesome to not be nominated!
  • Even though he helped supply most of the panther mounts given away as part of the craft fair raffle, he doesn’t own a single panther mount himself! Or rather, he didn’t until recently!
  • He said that I didn’t need to worry about farming Borean Leather for The Spring Craft Faire because he was providing the entire quantity needed. . .approximately 125 stacks of 20! And, this is in addition to all the other mats he has and is gathering for the past and upcoming Craft Faires.

Wow! So thank you Liranei for being a true craft fair hero and making AIE A better place for all! And if you know someone who is a model of AIE guild membership, don’t hesitate to let your fellow officers know! you can email us your nominations at!