AIE Podcast Ep 147 — My Little War Pony

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– Book of Heroes has turned a page

– AIE rocks some boss socks

– Rift goes Free to Play

– Join the Nerdtacular roll call

– And we talk Middle Earth with Dux, Apolas, and VanFlicke

All that and more coming up right now…


The Great Merge has completed for Book of Heroes! Or at least, the first phase of such. There was a lot of shuffling going around with faces old and new meeting in the new guilds! There doesn’t seem to be a need for limits on alts anymore, so if you’d like alts in the same guild, seems fine. Make sure and watch the forums as things develop!


AIE has now conquered all of the bosses in World of Warcraft MoP! The raid team “If Looks Could Kill” has taken down Lei Shen and is now currently working on heroic modes! We don’t normally make these sorts of announcements, but a ‘AIE First’ was worth a mention!


Yet another game has joined the AIE Family of being a drain on simply time, not time AND money. Rift has announced they are going Free to Play! Join your fellow guildies in the world of Telara and enjoy all the dynamic content they have to offer… for free!


There have been various threads that have gone up surrounding Nerdtacular this year, and it looks like someone has made a ‘roll call’ that you can sign up on. Keep in mind, ALL of the information that is requested is completely optional, so feel free to share only what you would like to let folks know who you are and when yer coming!


Do you miss the big green wall of friendly text when you’re in that realm called Real Life? Don’t forget, AIE has a Jabber server! What’s Jabber you say? Jabber is an instant messaging platform that you can use to chat with other AIE members while they also wait for that workday queue to time out. It’s completely free, and best of all, you’re already signed up! Jabber accounts are integrated into our UMAMI membership system, so all you have to do is find a Jabber client you like, such as Pidgen, iChat, Trillian, or about 300 other options, and sign in with your UMAMI account. For more details, check out the We now have Jabber thread in our forums


World of warcraft and DC comics are giving away free graphic novel previews for kindle and IOS users! So if you have been curious about the comics and want to check them out you give them a shot. They currently have previews up for pearl of pandaria, Dark riders, and bloodsworn.


For links to all of the news items we just mentioned, see our show notes at


And now it’s time to jump into AIE’s adventures in Lord of the Rings Online…





Update 11 dropped – Treachery of the White Hand.

5 new areas (rolling hills now frozen, vast areas of tundra, along with flash frozen forests, lakes, everything).

Saruman’s hold over Rohan brings a chill to all – the chill effect.

Mounted Combat changes

Combat. On mounts. What is more awesome than that?!?!?!

Removed the ‘mobility’ elements of the tree and integrated parts of it in to the base warhorse itself.  Also reworked the trees to allow for more integration (synergy – ugh) with the character that rides it.  The goal is to make the transition of playing your character on foot doesn’t seem so different to riding on horseback.



>Lalia’s Market

>Hobbit Gifts



>Housing upkeep and new foreclosure  – you can prepay your taxes/rent further in advance and it will hold for six months before going into escrow.

>Changes to VIP (paid) vs. F2p or B2p – better experience bonus for VIPs

>Spring Festival

Spring Festival runs from May 21 to June 4th (only two weeks) this year. Lots of events in the Spring Festival, it seems like it gets busier every year. The currency to buy cosmetics and household item is the leaf again. They’ve allowed you to keep leftover currency after the event, so if you don’t get enough currency, you will be ahead of the game for the next time it rolls around. It’s really difficult to do all your dailies on all your alts during the festivals.


Some events are the same through all the festivals, like the dance event, the horse race, the Ale Association and the Inn League. The Inn League is the hobbit beer drinking club and the Ale Association is the dwarves’, which are jealous of the hobbit Inn League and they try to sabotage the Inn League by stealing recipes and putting tainted mugs out for Inn League quest locations.


The Spring festival has a ton of dailies and reputation quests. One new one is the maze in Bree. Another is a chance to protect the farms from invading shrews. You can get titles for completing a number of festival quests, one of the shrew titles is ‘Tamer of the Shrews’


Last year there was a mount that was available as a random drop, the Steed of the Jester, we’ll see if they do again this year.


We’re going to post the AIE plans for the Spring Festival in the forums soon, we’re negotiating with Pelell’s agent to get the band together again. AIE hosts a party at the kin house, we have a stage and we’ll have another horse race and other events.


So, there’s a ton of stuff happening in game, roll a toon and look us up on Landroval.




And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Dux, Apolas and VanFlicke for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to the red shirts from Star Trek Online.


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Overly Dramatic News

– Hailing Frequencies


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