AIE Podcast Ep 146 — Overtime with Lanc

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Zod: On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

Alludra: More games on the horizon

Ghomus: Book of Heroes starts a new chapter

Zod: Hey AIE Member, Where are you?

Alludra: We’re on the EVE of war

Ghomus: And we talk with Lanctharus about AIE in World of Warcraft

Zod: All that and more coming up right now…



We’ve got a couple of new games making an appearance in the Imperium Ludi forums. One of them, Warframe, is a free-to-play third person shooter where four people work together to complete missions in sci-fi environment. It’s both cool and freaky looking.  The other, Neverwinter, is a new MMO, still in beta, based on the popular Neverwinter Nights Dungeons and Dragons video game. If you play or are interested in playing either of these games, or any other multiplayer game, with other AIE members, be sure to check out or add to the Imperium Ludi forums.


Speaking of hanging out with other AIE peeps, don’t forget we have a map at Zeemaps that you can use to show where you live, and see which AIE members live around you. Great for planning meetups or just seeing how many other crazy people live in your town. To get to the map, look for the Put Your Mark On The Map post in the community section of the forums.


If you’ve a World of warcraft player looking to get in on real raids, not that LFR namby-pamby stuff, there are quite a few raid teams looking for more members. Check out the many recruitment posts in the AIE World of Warcraft Raiding forum, or make your own post in the free agents thread.


Lanc: EVE: TEST has dumped HBC. ALERT!


Book of Heroes, 1.6 patch has dropped! New content, added mercenary features, and most importantly INCREASED GUILD CAPS. Speaking of guild caps and things that were fumbled or dropped, I have all the information from all the guilds (which is being updated now) and hope to have something by early next week of what’s going on with the guilds! Watch for posts on the forums! #AIESolutions


Lord of the Rings Online has announce a new update coming May 13th; the Treachery of the White Hand. “The epic story continues as you are called to the remote region of Wildermore! This Eastern Rohan area has been hard hit by an unnatural and deadly winter. A Stone Giant named Núrzum, under the control of Saruman, is rumored as the source of this icy tragedy. Throughout Wildermore, villages have suffered ravage and townsfolk have become refugees. Follow in the chilly footsteps of evil as you attempt to restore this once thriving region.” The update includes new zones, improvements to mounted combat, hobbit presents, new VIP rewards, and a lot more that we’ll dig into with the LOTRO gang on next week’s show.


Blizzard activision has published their first quarter earnings, and it turns out world of warcraft subscribers are down by as much as 1.3 million. Don’t worry guys, this means that world of warcraft still has 8.3 million people subscribing to the game.




Hello I am Lanctharus and I am your World of Warcraft Guild Master and one of the head quesos in the AIEGC.


((Podcaster’s Note: Due to Lanc’s amazing ability to tell stories, we could not put everything he said in the show notes. Besides, you have to see or hear him say it.))


– Talks a little about the aforementioned Blizzard news update and drop in player subscriptions]


– Talks a little about himself and gaming history]


– How about we answer a few questions for Lanc from the chat room and Twitter


– Frodou health announcement and the importance of keeping tabs on our friends and family.]


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to the gang from Lord of the Rings Online

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Hailing Frequencies

– Hunter Talk

– Overly Dramatic News

– Alludra’s Pets

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