AIE Podcast Ep 149 — Redonkulous Spoilers!

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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– Our new GOTM is no secret

– Former Rifters can Rift for free

–  Beam Us Up, Stigg!

– Spring has sprung for the clan of the rings

– And we’ll hopefully talk with our own Warchief of WoW

All that and more coming up right now…

Lanc will be catching us up on the exploits of AIE in Azeroth and the changes in patch 5.3 in just a moment, but first, the news…



Ladies and gentlemen! We have a New Guildie Of The Moment! Everyone give three cheers for Wyllow of The Secret World! Many great things were said about this guildie including

  • This player has been super helpful and very patient every time I have spoken to her in game. She’s always answered questions when she is free and is willing to lend a helping hand.
  • Wyllow is awesome, one of the nicest and most helpful people I have met in any game.
  • I totally agree, she has been a vital part of AIE Secret World and she is just all around amazing

So everyone please congratulate Wyllow if you see her in game, and remember you too can nominate someone for Guildie of the Moment, just send an email to


If you’re a former Rift player who wandered off to other things and wants to see how Telara has been keeping, you might be interested to know that Rift will be free to play this weekend. This isn’t the free-to-play version that’s in the works; this is just a special deal for former subscribers who want to check the game out again to decide if they want to add it back to their game rotation when the game goes free to everyone. The free time started today, May 30th, and will last until Monday, June 3rd.


The Guild members of Lord of the Rings Online are taking advantage of the new Springfest in-game event! It all starts on June 1st at 9 PM Eastern time. where they will have live music, and later in the evening a foray into the Ettenmoors for PvMP (player versus monster-player). More information can be found in the lord of the rings section of the AIE forums in the AIE Springfest ‘13 thread.


For all you current and future starfleet captains, we are happy to announce Star Trek Online has now been added to the AIE UMAMI membership database. All current STO guild members need to sign up in UMAMI to register their characters. AIE’s starfleet admirals will be conducting a purge of all guild members in game that are not in UMAMI on June 29th, so make sure your captains are accounted for. Big thanks to the hardworking Stigg for making the update


If you’d like to take a peek at some of the World of Warcraft Tier 14 raid content, our own If Looks Could Kill raiding team has put together a very impressive video from showing off their adventures in Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Spring. You can find the link in the AIE Azeroth forums, or in our show notes


The AIE Cookbook is a hit! At least according to Beefmaster and Beefywife. The Beefs posted on the forums about the scrumptious dinner they had using Grudek’s Tater Tot Casserole recipe.  If you’d like to feed your own AIE horde, you can get a copy of the AIE Cookbook in the Frogpants store for just $19.95. The cookbook is full of beautiful illustrations by our own master cartoonist and head nerd Scott Johnson, and of course wonderful home-grown family-favorite recipes from dozens of AIE members. All profits go to fund AIE in Real Life events, such as the Guild Hall at Blizzcon, so it’s good for AIE as well as your belly.


World of warcraft has a new mount for sale The armored Bloodwing! If you have 25 dollars american, and feel like you don’t have anything wicked cool to ride around azeroth on, we suggest you give this shadow bat a look.


If you follow the AIE EVE forums, there appears to be some interesting hubbub going on concerning the defense of our corporation and the TEST alliance. Lanc, you do part-time work in the space race; is there anything you can share about the fracas?


The great battles of 1-SMEB

    • According to DOTLAN 2,600 ships have been lost since the beginning of the engagement.
    • TEST Alliance alone fielded over 1200 pilots for battles 1 & 2 and 800 for the third.
    • Have no fear TEST was victorious but it si not even summer yet.
    • There is this great little EVE podcast put on by members of AIEU called Cap Stable.  You may want to check it out and find out what happened in detail.
    • Stay tuned for more details.


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And with that, it’s time to catch up on what’s going on in AIE in Azeroth. Lanc, the floor is yours…




5.3 Escalation hit us on the 21st?  Have you joined the cause?



Vol’jin has declared open rebellion against Garrosh.

  • Senjin Village expereince
  • The march on Razor Hill
    • Marching along Vol’jin & Chen Stormstout was awesome.  I looked behin me and was blown away by seeing the army and a sizeable airforce behind me
  • The capture of Razor Hill
    • Squee!
    • The solidification of Vol’jin’s power
      • Thrall
      • Chen Stormstout
      • Baine Bloodhoof
      • Lor’themar Theron
      • Sylvanas
      • Heck even the Alliance wants to help him out!
  • The Kork’kron
    • Garrosh’s military police
      • Oppressing and executing Darkspear
      • I wonder what Sylvanas is going to do?  Muwahahaha!


I have not had a chance to run the new battleground as I have been focusing on finishing the story line.  I like Stories…


For you Herbalist out there.  Yes Lanc is a flower picker.  You got a problem with that?  The following gathering professions can now be leveled up in Pandaria at low levels.

  • Herbalism
  • Miners




  • Resilience for all!  No more resilience gear
  • But you still can gem and enchant for it
  • Battle fatigue: healing reduced by 45%


New Scenarios

  • Blood in the snow and The Darkheart of Pandaria are actually really really good.
  • I still have “The Secrets of Ragefire” to do
  • I just wish people weren’t such jerks



  • Players can now use items that are in the bank or Void Storage for transmogrification.
  • In game browser!
  • Gear level cap in battleground, rated battlegrounds and arenas.  (Capped at lvl 496)
  • PVP role check
  • Picking up the flag?  You are going to feel it in rated BGs.  50% increase in damage for flag carriers


And so much more:  Read the patch notes for details and hotfixes.



The thread that will not die!  It’s lolcat Friday, prepping for Caturday!





And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE EVE!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…

– Overly Dramatic News

– Alludra’s Pets

– PvP 101

– Ask Miss Mulgra

– Epic Diapers

– Hailing Frequencies



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