The AIE Cookbook is here!

AIE Cookbook pic for post

Our first ever AIE cookbook is out and available at the Frogpants Store!

It contains many high-quality Scott Johnson comics on the topic of food or food-like products AND recipes for food & drink from our own AIE guild mates–suitable for questing, raiding, or the morning after.

Please purchase one and enjoy some fine cooking while supporting your guild!

If you were one of the recipe contributors, here is the list of recipes included:

Breakfast Burger • Chai French Toast • Special Pancakes • Southern Scrambled Eggs on Tortillas • Van’s French Toast Waffles • Azeroth Caviar • Brad’s Guacamole • ChiliCon Queso • Chocolate Covered Bacon • Open Face Caprese • Salsa/Pico de Gallo • Stuffed Mushrooms • Crock Pot Chicken/Beef Soup •  Earl’s Chili • Frog Eye Salad • Grim’s Caesar Salad for Impatient People • Grudek’s World-Famous Chili • Westfall Stew • Bacon Wrapped Scallops • Baked Beans • Cheesy Potatoes • Oven-Roasted Asparagus • Papa’s Mac & Cheese with Bacon • Pineapple Casserole • Potato Salad with Bacon • Bouvi’s Mandarin Orange Chicken & Cashews • Brewdawg’s Turkey Fry • Buxley’s Mom’s Meatball Recipe • Chicken Casserole • Chicken Enchiladas • Chicken with Cheesy Garlic Sauce • Chocolate and Spiced Pulled Pork • Coruscant Curry Chicken • Djangoh’s Djambalaya • Funeral Potatoes •Grudek’s Home-Made Spaghetti Sauce • Italian Beef • Necrotic Chicken & Rice • Pulled Pork Roast • Pumpkin Chili • Raid Night Baked Potatoes • Spinach Pie • Taco Casserole • Tasso Pesto Pasta • Tater Tot Casserole • Zobbo’s Goblin Cheese Sauce • All Hallow’s Bread • Apple Muffins • Banana Pudding • Eton Mess • Fudge Cake • Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie • Oreo Balls • Orgrimmar Mud Pizza Pie • Peanut-Butter-Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie • Easy Mint Ice Cream Cake • TaffyApple Salad • Merry Berry Slush