AIE Podcast Ep 144 — Complex Plex Specs (Dude! You Bought A Plex!)

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– Pet Battle cheat sheets!

– Secret Raids!

– Children’s Week is back!

– The Cookbook is here! The cookbook is here!!

– And we chat with VailGeek and StupidGenius about EVE Online

All that and more coming up right now…



This just in, the AIE cookbook is OUT and done! We have no words for how hard and long we officers have worked to see this come to light! Pardon us if we are moved to tears. If you want to own this piece of amazing warcaft lore, head on over to the frogpants store. We have the links, go buy one!


If you haven’t checked out pet battles in World of Warcraft, or are looking for ways to improve your pet battling skill,  Katana1976 has posted some great tips and tricks in the forums. Everything from general guidelines, to add-ons, to specific pets to use when taking on the named pet battle trainer quests. Definitely worth checking out, and if you’re an expert in Pet Battles (*cough*Alludra*cough*) feel free to add to the list!

For you World of Warcraft warlocks, Syrene will be giving away three Sealed Tome of the Lost Legions by random drawing tomorrow night, Friday April 26th, at 11pm server time. The tomes start a quest line that ends up changing specific warlock spells to use green fel fire effects. It’s only a cosmetic change, but way cool. If you have a level 90 warlock and want to enter the drawing, see the rules and entry post in the forums. Big thanks to Nagratz for donating the tomes.


Are you handy with Photoshop? Want to show off your chops and help AIE at the same time? The AIE EVE gang needs you! Lanctharus has put out a call for artist to create some digital images to drive fear into the hearts of our enemies. He’s looking for propaganda posters and a corporate mascot. If you want to join the war effort, see his thread in the forums.


Don’t forget, AIE is always looking for new games for our community members to enjoy. The Imperium Ludi forums are a great place to discover new games that other AIE members are into, and begin the GERP process to make them AIE official. Case in point,  RoBi has a post looking to start an expedition in the new game Firefall. Firefall is a free-to-play MMO first person shooter, and it looks really good. It’s been in development for years, and they just announced the beta. If you’re into first-person shooters, and want to get in on the start of a new game and possibly the next big AIE thing, then this is for you.


The secret world now has a new Raid! Well..actually it’s had it for a bit and somehow we missed this big news! The island of stillborn stars opened on the 15th of this month! It’s a 10 man raid, and sounds pretty cool judging by the press release. So if you play Secret world and are looking for a reason to log in, I think we found it!


Rift and the gaming website Raptr have teamed up to give you supercool new rewards! Rapter is a social gaming site that tracks your gameplay and gives you some interesting stats and rewards based on your gameplay time. (All games, wow, steam, you name it!) Well the people over at Rift decided they wanted in on this and came up for some pretty cool rewards. All you have to do is meet the conditions for the rewards (mostly it’s just play enough Rift) and you can earn a helm or spaulders or even more awesome, a 30 day time card and the Storm Legion expansion for free! To check it out head on over to Raptr and see if you qualify!


Okay everyone, time to be jealous a bit, Guild Wars 2 is beta testing custom pvp arena maps and a spectator mode. Relatively soon players will not only be able to create their own maps to confound and boggle their enemies, but also watch players pvp to maybe pick up a tip or two.


Children’s week is coming back to wow! Hold your groans! Children’s week, or ‘show an orphan a good time for cash’ is running from April 29th to May 6th this year, and players will soon be angrily storming battlegrounds trying to get ‘school of hard knocks’ (where you take your orphan into battlegrounds and complete a set of tasks) aka the achievement that keeps more players from getting ‘a long strange trip’ and a purple proto drake than any other.


And speaking of impossible to obtain, the first wave of Blizzcon tickets has come and gone! If you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket, congrats! For the other 98% of us, we have another chance to ‘win’ the privilege of purchasing a ticket on April 27th at 10am.


As always, see our show notes for links to more information on all the news items we covered tonight.


with that, let’s welcome this week’s guests Vailgeek and StupidGenius!




Burn Jita – Last weekend starting on Friday the Goons and TEST(including members of AIEU) helped to remind the high sec players who really rules the world of EVE online by “burning JIta” one of the major trade hubs in High Sec.


Fan Fest 2013 – Is going on RIGHT NOW and all weekend long. You can watch over on or if you want the HD stream you can pay 1 PLEX or $19.99.


Deployment to Catch – HED


AIEU_Free –  is lower end ships, that you can ask take for free


Borrow Doctrine Ships – the loaner doctrine you take out on reimbursable ops…and then return if you don’t explode



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Stu and Vailgeek for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE SWTOR!


Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…


Ask Miss Mulgra

Overly Dramatic News

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Alludra’s Pets

Hunter Talk


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