AIE Podcast Ep 143 — WalDwarf Salad

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We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Vanflicke and Dux standing by to talk to us about Lord of the Rings online but first, the news…



Meetups meetups meetup! With the weather turning nice in most places, tons of meetups are getting organized! The site has been getting a lot of new guildie action like the Raid on Harry Hofbrau in San Jose, CA on April 20th, and the Raid on Dave & Busters in Ontario CALIFORNIA on April 26th,  and finally, Novaluna on the forums wants to know if anyone will be going to Wizard World in Phillidelphia this June.


Craft faire is happening in just two weekends! And afterwards? COOP run. Alachaas and his crew want to make sure with all the nifty items crafted at the faire get some proper use. The Alliance surely wants to see all these 600 level crafters bearing down on their cities? Riiight?


Love AIE so much that you are considering transferring servers to join us? Well your friendly AIE officers would like to remind you to fill out your application for your newly transfered character after you make the jump to make sure you won’t have a forced name change on arrival, or if you do, you can fill out your app with the new info.


Blizzcon tickets will be going on sale on April 24th at 7pm PDT and again on the  27th at 10 am PDT on the official blizzcon site! If you have the $175 and are feeling lucky go ahead and try to snag some! And if that’s not expensive enough for you, Blizzard is holding a benefit dinner for the Children’s hospital of Orange County, and on May 1st at 7pm for $500! This fancy benefit dinner’s price also includes tickets to the convention!


Speaking of Blizzard the last wing of the Throne of thunder has opened and is available for all, including LFR! If you have an item level of 480, go and take on that annoying thunder mogu that, believe it or not, we have been working toward for a good portion of this expansion!


Star Wars Online has released its first digital expansion, Rise of the hutt cartel! So what’s this expansion offering? How about a new level cap, more endgame content, extended personal storylines, and too much more to mention! Subscribers even save 50% of it’s $19.99 price tag!


It’s almost complete! Andrew Allen, the composer of our theme, has his kickstarter winding down and it will end April 20th at 5pm. He’s at 133% funded, and he’s also released most of the tracklist that will be on the album! Thanks folks for contributing to the success of this album getting produced!


If you’ve just spun up in STO to discover brave new worlds, new life and new civilization? Well the Romulan expansion is coming very soon. A reminder that the expansion itself will be free, but there are some neat Starter Packs if you are looking to buy a few neat items!




    1. Van: LOTRO’s 6th anniversary special started on April 16 and runs to the 30th.

    1. Is this the LOTRO Spring Festival? No, that’s next month

    2. New events,

  1. is the Dwarf bar brawl, where you get to club other players, and on expert level, steal a keg off the tables. You can get a title called, “Battered, Bruised and Contused”

  2. Envelopes of invitations, drops cosmetics (Lost Invitation War-Steed appearance).

  3. and setting off fireworks all over the lower levels of middle earth

    1. New mounts

  1. Anniversary Steed

  2. Fireworks Laden Steed, randomly shoots fireworks while it runs, not sure where those come from…could be the grain they feed it.

    1. Van: AIE Spring Fest date announcement?

    1. Next month, hopefully around the time that we’re back up for the podcast.

    2. Differences betweent this festival and the Spring Festival?

  1. Ale Association/Inn League membership drives (next podcast we’ll cover that)

  2. dance quests, and some others, will be next month, where you can learn new emotes

  1. LOTRO & Raiding – a quick overview of the raiding options in LOTRO.


    2. level they begin at:

    1. Helegrod @ 50+

  1. Drake wing.

  2. Spider wing.

  3. Giant wing.

  4. Dragon wing.

    1. Angmar @ 50:

  1. The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu

  2. Bogbereth

  3. Ferndur the Virulent

    1. Moria @ 60

  1. Dar Narbugud

  2. Filikul

  3. The Vile Maw.

    1. Mirkwood @ 65+

  1. Barad Guldur

    1. Enedwaith:

  1. Ost Dunhoth @ 65

  2. Draigoch’s Lair @ 75

    1. The Tower of Orthanc @ 75

    2. Rohan @ 20+:

  1. Flight to the Lonely Mountain

  2. The Fires of Smaug

  3. The Battle for Erebor

  1. Ettenmoors (The Delving of Fror) @ cap

  1. role options (more than just tank/dps/healer) mention captain/lore master/RK.

  2. quick description of the raids.

    1. Damage types:

    1. The tale of Tonantius / Amancu & Caine.


    1. Ancient Dwarf

  1. Dragon-kind (Drakes, Worms, Salamanders), Cave-claws

    1. Beleriand

  1. Half-orcs, Spiders, Insects, Neekers, Crawlers, Ancient Evil, Morroval, Nameless & Gaunts

    1. Fire

  1. Creatures of Nature (trees, roots and lurker, binder type), Beasts, Slugs, Snowbeasts, most Wolves, Darkwater & Trolls

    1. Light

  1. Goblins, Orcs, Trolls & Spiders

    1. Westernesse

  1. The Dead & Unseen, Gaunts, Wights, Darkwater, Decayed

    1. Cries

  1. Orcs, Goblins & Uruks


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank [Dux and VanFlicke] for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to AIE EVE online


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…


PVP 101

Alludra’s Pets


Hailing Frequencies

Ask Miss Mulgra



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