New API key requirements for entry in AIEU


2 1/2 years ago when AIEU was founded our biggest worry was Supermaugen and High Sec war decs.

Now AIEU is a member of one of the largest sov holding alliances which is part of one of the most powerful coalitions in Eve.  This brings us a lot of opportunities, but also many risks.  In the last couple weeks we have seen a single awoxerin Dreddit the core corporation of TEST Alliance responsible for over 20 billion ISK in corporation reimbursements  and Li3 federation (an old ally of ours) has been robbed of over 21 billion ISK by a corporate infiltrator.

We are getting to the point that many of our members are flying multi-billion ISK ships, our industrialists are working with billions of ISK in blueprints and minerals.  We are now a prime target for spies, cons and other ne’er do wells.

Effective immediately all new applications to AIEU will require full account API keys.

This will be used in recruitment and only in the investigation of potential problems.

This requirement of all members will take effect over the next couple weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change please talk to me or one of the AIEU officers.  We will take everyone’s input into consideration and we thank you for your cooperation.


Alea Iacta Est Universal