Is your ship CapStable?

CapStable Podcast

Hoots, StupidGenius, Vailgeek, and Lanctharus are joined by Aura in search of riches in the depths of Null sec in the mini-episode Discovering the Transmission. What they found instead was a derelict communication stations with the designation “CapStable” owned by AIEU long ago.

The rebooted CapStable podcast talks about all things EVE Online. The CapStable podcast was long ago an AIEU podcast, and the current AIE members have brought it back and changed it be a broader reaching Eve Online podcast focusing on the news of New Eden.

The podcast can be found on iTunes or you can add the RSS feed to your favorite podcast capturing software.

Due to audio issues with Episode 12, the CapStable crew has released Episode 12 and Episode 13 back to back!