AIE Podcast Ep 139 — Cooking with Karma: From Bounties to Omlettes


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On this episode of The AIE Podcast…

– A new guildie is born!

– We have found My Precious!

– SWTOR has got a little something extra for YOU!

– The Nerdtacular Kickstarter is insane!

– Book of Heroes is working on the next chapter!

– And we welcome the amazing Ralff to catch us up to date on AIE’s adventures in Guild Wars 2. All that and more coming up right now…


Andrew Allen, the composer and creator of our awesome new theme, has once again teamed up with Coverville records to put a jazzy spin on video game music you know and love. You’ve heard Smooth Federation, you’ve heard our podcast theme, you KNOW you want this album. Head on over to the kickstarter now and make sure this album comes out!


Congrats to AdamC from the forums, he and his wife just had their second son! Give em a shout out on the forums here! Let’s make the world a better place for Theodore Isiah!


The AIE community is gearing up for nerdtacular with several offers to ride share the trip! Shinji2009 is looking for a travel group from Florida while Sindresa is looking for people in California to carpool with! Check out the forums for more details on these expeditions or start your own in the AIE forums.


Heading to Nerdtacular? The Kickstarter of course is going rather strong, with the 5th stretch goal getting close to being unlocked at 45000 dollars! There are also various posts in both the AIE Community and Nerdtacular sections of the forums with people trying to arrange carpools, trip-buddies, roadtrips, etc!


The folks in Lord of the Rings Online are doing some neat things! VanFlicke and his crew went into Gollum’s domain and have the screenshot to prove it! Get in on this action, remember, LOTRO is Free to Play and AIE is there!


Have an itch to log in to SWTOR and swing a lightsaber around, or polish up that Mandalorian armor and catch some bounties? Maybe see what the fine folks in AIE are doing there? Turns out, the next few weekends are a GREAT time to do so. What other game can offer you DOUBLE XP? As far as we can tell, this stacks with rest XP, and cartel boosts as well!


There has been concern in some of the guilds surrounding Book of Heroes regarding attendance, flagging interest, etc. Worry not! The GMs are all getting together on Tuesday and are going to try to come up with a plan that makes a bunch more folks happy.


New to The secret world? Want to hang out and meet people? Well you are in luck AIE the secret world has newbie lair nights every wednesday! Head on over to the AIE secret world section of the forums to find out more details.


With that, he’s been waiting ever so patiently, so let’s bring on Ralff..



Guild missions


  •  Events the guild does together to earn rewards –individual and for the guild

  •  You get guild merits–which you use to unlock the later mission types

  •  Whole big schedule to unlock them all

  •  Bounty-we got.  Have done a few times.

  •  Unlocking Trek right now

  •  Then Rush, Challenge, and finally Puzzle around the end of May.


We run our missions Saturday night at 9:30 Eastern.  Level 15+ can participate.  Just Bounties now, but Treks also starting March 30th

Leveled my charr warrior 10 levels in 20 minutes via cooking.

Also– new Guild Wars 2 Officer: Nottix.



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Ralff for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to AIE SWTOR


Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

Hailing Frequencies

Epic Diapers

Mod Minute

Ask Miss Mulgra

Mega Minute

Overly Dramatic News

AIE Raid Wrapup


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