AIE Podcast Ep 138 — Lanc did not mention Ponies!

On this episode of The AIE Podcast…
– A new Guildie of the Moment!
– Nerdtacular is coming!
– Join WoW anytime!
– Game updates abound!
– And we welcome special guests Lanctharus and Miss Mulgra!.
All that and more coming up right now…

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Lanctharus and Miss Mulgra standing by to talk to us about World of Warcraft  but first, the news…

We have a new theme song! If you didn’t notice, and we are sure you did, we have a new theme song created by the amazing Andrew Allen! Follow him on twitter @keyswithsoul and check out his 3 piece band playing at Nerdtacular this year!

We have a new guildie of the moment! Everyone give three cheers to Kavoc of World of Warcraft! Members have had tons of great things to say about Kavoc including:

  • A positive voice in guild chat and on Twitter.
  • Kav is awesome, always seems willing to help.
  • Kavoc? Awesome, he’s a pretty good guy.

So if you see Kavoc give him a big congratulations! And if you know someone who is a stand up member of AIE, let your officers know by sending us an email at! We love to hear about great guildies that make a positive impact to our great community!

Nerdtacular is doing great and looks to be a fantastic show! The kickstarter is sitting at 304% as of this writing! We’re almost to stretch goal 4! If you think you can make it to Utah around July 4th, go give it a look!

And if you think Nerdtacular is the only thing going on that weekend, well you are in for a surprise! Head on over to the Nerdtacular section of the frogpants forums. There are other events being planned outside the convention! If you are looking to carpool or just see who else is attending, head on over and check it out.

Attending PAX east on March 22? Well there is talk on the site of a possible guildie dinner! Details aren’t quite filled in yet, but if you are going to be attending the convention, RSVP on the website for more information as it develops.

We did mention it during last show, as breaking news, but we wanted to remind folks, if you ARE planning on joining the crew in AIE WoW invites are now open all month. AIE doesn’t really distinguish between alts and mains, so release the hounds! Everyone please remember, you do need one UMAMI application PER character.

Dark Lord Pelpatine in our AIE SW:TOR has put another lamb up for the slaugh…er…no. It’s another Ask An Officer! This time up, we have Wagz! Pel is trying to make sure that officers aren’t just faceless names from on high. Ask em some questions!

Update 10 is here for LotRO, the link we’re posting in the show notes has the patch notes handily available. Go and join the fun, they have a great crew.

We are sure our guests are going to talk about it, but the big 5.2 patch is out in world of warcraft! This patch includes many changes such as a new raiding tier, a new daily hub (the isle of giants), many new pets, changes to blacksmithing, classes, and green fire for our warlock friends. for the full patch notes check out the warcraft forums to see what’s going on!

And speaking of patches, 2.2 is out for Rift! Make sure you check it out as it has tons of cool changes to classes and crafting, and also brings a return of the carnival of the ascended! This big event is full of funny hats, minigames, and general rift anniversary celebrations!

Looking for AIE in starcraft? you are in luck! Lanctharus has admitted that he’s created a AIEGC chat channel for those guildies who are looking for AIE in their zerg experience! Just join the AIEGC channel to find your guildies!

And with that, it’s time to welcome our guests, Lanctharus and Miss Mulgra!…


Happy Post 5.2 WoW patch & Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm release week!

I am on my 3 day of my SC 2 HotS sleep deprivation experiment.  So far I have had zergling hallucinations, and is contemplating playing Jane Goodall and becoming one with the Zerg.    Damn! Kerrigan looks hot in her zerg high heels and all those gratuitous zerg butt shots!


Oh and look I have a guest with me!  Miss Mulgra please let us know more about you.

[Mulgra please post here]
“Throm Ka!” I’m the voice and the odd sense of humour behind the Ask Miss Mulgra segments. I’m really stoked to be on a podcast with AcuZod, who, along with Darrell the Tip Giver and AskBuxley, was one of my inspirations for the Ask Miss Mulgra segment. I loved Tip Giver’s Tip of the Week, Ask Buxley and The Overly Dramatic News, and when Darrell and Buxley retired their segments, I really missed them. I thought about doing something similar when I hit upon the idea to create a self-help, know-it-all Orc who may or may not actually be helpful. Sort of a Hyacinth Bucket in Azeroth. Ask your Mom.

I’m occasionally Missmulgra in-game, especially if I’m hanging around with my buddy, Bloodylock, but more often you’ll see me on my main, Malakyi the Blood Elf hunter and his trusty sidekick, Tuck the tanking bear. I really should get him to max level.

What else would you like to know? I can go on and on and on and…

Well let’s talk about what we have been doing?

What does Lanc while dealing with all the patch changes?

  • Does his laundry
  • Researches paladin changes – Generally we buffed
  • Blizzard really really loves Death Knights.  The get a bigger “I win button.”  *Grumbles
  • Really?  Even more dailies?  Lor’themar Theron better damn well appreciate what I am doing for him
  • Curls up with a good book
  • Contemplates playing City builder sims that actually work? *Dig at EA
  • Gets the Ashes of Alar mount Squeee!

How about you Mulgra, what have you been up to?

What is Mulgra up to?

AIE Game Directors meeting

We had our quarterly AIE Game Directors meeting and I wanted to share with you what that is and what we talked about regarding WoW.

  • Quarterly meeting where the AIE game directors provide information to the AIE Council about the state of the games AIE is in
  • For the year we have seen a 20% increase in overall membership
  • The role of UMAMI in invite policy changes in WoW policy
  • We need to be even more social
    • Storming of Stormwind event outcomes
    • Emphasis in the next year on more large scale PvP events

Blizzcon: A beginner’s guide or how I learned to hate Disneyland.

So what exactly is this AIE Guild hall @ Blizzcon business anyway?

  • Every member in good standing in every game title that we have a presence is invited
  • Didn’t get a ticket to Blizzcon?  No worries we got your back
    • We plan to have the Blizzcon stream for all our members to watch
    • Comfortable setting with a little nook for napping.  No really!  Just ask Turpster
    • Place to meet and hang out with your fellow members of the AIEGC
    • SWAG sacks!
  • Safe haven from the nerd herd
    • Lanc’s phobia of neckbeards
    • Soap!  It’s your friend and mine
    • Do not ever pay for food or drink in the convention hall

We have the Guild Hall committee hard at work planning and organizing all the behind the scenes thing like booking the room, amenities and swag sacks but of course none of this comes for free.

We need our members help!

  • Fund raising
    • Shirt sales
    • Donations
    • Sponsors
    • Other possible fundraising are also being considered
  • Guild hall volunteers
    • Need people to volunteer for 2 hour shifts for the event
    • More info on how to volunteer in the near future
  • The echo chamber – get the word out!


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus and Miss Mulgra for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Guild wars 2

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
Alludra’s Pets
Hailing Frequencies
Overly Dramatic News
Mod Minute
Ask Miss Mulgra

But first, if you need to reach us, we can be found at…
– Email:
– Twitter @aiepodcast, @shownotfound @acuzod @alludra_aie
– Guest Twitter: @Lanctharus @bacon_way
– Watch us live!
– Catch up on past shows!
– Theme Music by Andrew Allen, follow him on twitter at @keyswithsoul!

Kudos to Apolas for the show title!