AIE Podcast Ep 137 — Billon Isks of Owls


And now, it’s time for spreeeadsheeeets in spaaaace. THIS is the AIE Podcast…

Book of Heroes is going to have some changes going on! It sounds like while some of the guilds are struggling, a few of them are doing rather well. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but sn effort is going to be made to get folks of like mights together in guilds. Don’t worry, we’re intending to make the changes fun for all!  Watch the forums for more developments in the minor league section!

Thinking of getting into EVE? The fine folks who are our guests will be going into some more things going on in that world, but this article has some great info and might help kick start your SpreadShips career all the faster! Take a read!

Without getting TOO behind the scenes as to the mails that officer’s get, we HAVE gotten quite a few lately that are asking about realm and faction transfers. So we’d of course love to have more fine folks in AIE, but we strongly encourage people who aren’t QUITE sure yet, to roll a character, apply, and then fall over onto some wolves to get level 10. Poke around a while, say hello to some folks, and decide if AIE is for you.

The Nerdtacular Kickstarter is now LIVE. Great bunch of options for everyone at a variety of levels. Hope to see lots of you there! Room rates are available as well, all the details are on the official Nerdtacular site! Update: FUNDED already, geez!

As we’ve mentioned in past shows, the Craft Faire is getting geared up to be huge, as usual. Because there are just too many posts to list, the link in the show notes will point to the WoW Profession forum section, so take a look!

Opening wow guild invites! It’s official as of five minutes ago! there is a forum post up and running.

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guest Hoots and Louis.


Louis Hall and Drewson/Hoots
1. What AIEU is up to in-game
1.a We’ve moved!  Off to Delve for glory and riches.
1.b Recruitment still open (don’t be scared off by TEST and/or null-sec)
1.b.1 We do apps every other Monday.  Due to the background check required of an individual applicant for an EVE corp, it takes a little longer than getting into AIE WoW.  Sorry

2. Newbro / Member support
2.a Mentor program
2.b Lend/Lease Program

3. New Pilot Experience (Hoots’ segment)

  • What’s it like, living in nullsec?
    • Contrast with highsec and lowsec.
    • Safe.  Mostly.  Sort of.  Not really.
  • Fleets, strat ops, structure shoots, roams, roving packs of Goons, reds, and neuts.
  • TEST and AIE newbie support.
    • TEST_Free
    • AIE forums, corp chat, Ventrilo, Mumble, etc.
  • My new character, and second account.  Planetary Interaction here I come.

3.a) and writing for an EVE site.
3.b) Top Secret Project???

4. Samiael’s story of this loss mail:
1,742,665,623.00 isk loss.

So during this years Secret Santa event I made some suggestions for gifts I would like, ranging from many fit noobships to shiny T3s and culminating in a “blap” (Louis: blap means a dreadnaught capable of one-shotting, we can that alphaing, battleships and battlecruisers) fit Phoenix if I got a super rich santa. (Louis: A dreadnaught is the class of ship between a battleship, something every pilot will eventually fly, and a titan, something on the crazy fly).  I was fortunate enough to get Alexander Hammond  (Louis: a very rich member of TEST) and he provided me with a phoenix and a plex (Louis: A plex is an in-game item that can be redeemed for 30 days of game time.  Because it’s in-game it can be sold on the market for ISK, right now around 550 million) to outfit it however I chose, and for the express purpose of whelping in some ridiculous fashion.

I was originally going to try to work with Citadel Cruise launchers (Louis:  Missile launchers that fire battleship sized missiles) with webs and target painters but after some experimentation it seems Capital missiles just have far to slow explosion velocity to do any damage whatsoever to anything not perfectly still. (Louis: What he means is that he can’t blap with capital missiles because of game balancing mechanics)

So pretty much this entire week I was undocking and shooting at small Black Legion and Goonswarm fleets from the undock, sometimes even sieging to test out my tanking ability but still doing no appreciable damage at all.

So I figured I may as well switch over to fireworks (Louis: CCP gave away firework launchers for New Years.  They make pretty lights) so the lossmail would be more fun to look at, and tonight I finally undocked into a large enough fleet that I thought could kill me.

Almost immediately after undocking I tanked up, hit siege, and then waited a minute or so to finish locking up some Black Legion guys. With a little extra hull tank I figured I stood a chance of completing my siege cycle and docking up before they could kill me though obviously this endeavor was by no means safe.
In the end I was about 15-20 seconds away from a safe but cowardly escape when they killed me.
I would have to rate the entire experience in my top five favorite EVE moments, not quite topping TEST’s first independent Titan Kill or the Massacre of K-6 (the battle where the station got it’s name “K-16 -A- supercaps”).

Hehe, fortunately I insured it beforehand and came out about a billion isk ahead including a  million isk donation from some folks in the BL fleet.

5 Summary of the Battle of Asakai
The Mittanis coverage (carefule, propganda ahead): ASAKAI AFTERMATH: ALL OVER A COBALTMOON
The battle mainly took place between two alliances known as TEST Alliance and Goonswarm, which involved almost 3,000 individual combatants and totaled nearly $20,000 (USD) in losses for both factions, 99.7% of which belonged to Goonswarm.

DaBigRedBoat, in a Titan, clicked jump when he should have clicked Bridge and launched his Titan into the middle of an entire enemy fleet. Since he was trying to bridge his allies into the enemy, and he jumped instead, he was now completely unsupported.  Instead of shrugging and accepting his impending loss he compounded his error by summoning all other Goonswarm Titan and Supercarrier pilots to his aid.  All of them.  Every last one.  So now the CFC, one of the two largest coalitions in the game, had their entire supercapital fleet in one system.

EVE has a very active metagame.  There are spies everywhere.  I’m sure CFC spies are listening to this podcast because they heard I’d be on this week.  So, when DBRD pinged all his titan pilots to log in. The rest of the EVE player base was right behind.  Over 3,000 pilots flooded into the lowsec system of Asakai.  When blood is in the water, every shark comes around.

Because the battle was spontaneous, CCP was not informed.  Because CCP wasn’t informed they didn’t move the Asakai system onto more beefy hardware.  And because of that the Time Dilation system hit 10%.  Time Dilation is the game mechanic that allows for large fleets to be fought fairly under lag.  At 10% TiDi, everything happens at 10% of normal speed.  So if you’re weapon takes 10 seconds to cycle, now it takes 100 seconds to cycle.  Essentially the entire system operates at 10% speed.  This allowed pilots from all over New Eden to make it to the battle before it could conclude.  Which piled even more people onto the server hosting Asakai.  Which compounded the lag problem.  Personally it took me 5 minutes to succesfully use the gate into Asakai.

In the end, due to the number of people pounding on the CFC supers, we were able to kill:
3 Titans
5 Supercarriers
45 Dreadnaughts
22 Carriers
For a total of 834 billion ISK.  Or about $33,000.  But don’t let that fool you, the CFC has control of most of the Tech moons in the game, so they earn enough to cover the losses without going to real money.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank [guests] for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE [Game]!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
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Hailing Frequencies
AIE Raid Wrapup
Hunter Talk

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