STO – Season 7: New Romulus

Star Trek Online Expedition

Join AIE as we venture into Romulan space!   See our forums for more information on AIE in Star Trek Online.  From the article at


A group of Romulans and Remans have banded together to create a new homeworld for their people — and they need your help! Located in the new Tau Dewa Sector Block, New Romulus offers captains on both sides of the conflict the chance to aid the Romulan leader D’Tan as he locates a new homeworld and begins the process of building a capital city.

  • Large, persistent zone designed for max level Federation and Klingon faction captains.
  • Bring an away team member with you or group with other players to complete zone-wide objectives
  • Earn Romulan Reputation by assisting with construction of the new colony.
  • Aid the Romulans and unlock instanced away-team missions that reveal the planet’s troubled past.
  • Visit your Fleet’s Embassy on New Romulus.
  • Contact Subcommander Mivek in the Tau Dewa Sector Block for daily space patrols.