Lanc’s Progressive Dinner with Dessert in Stormwind


Guild parade to honor the mighty leaders of the Horde after which we take the party to Stormwind!


Saturday 2/16  Starting at 8pm EST


Assemble in Sunstrider Isle at Falthrien Academy (Blood Elf starting zone).
Once there we shall process toward Silvermoon City, making stops in Undercity, Thunder Bluff and finally Orgrimmar.

I, Lanctharus, your generous and benevolent guild master with the luxurious and majestic coiffure calls upon every member of Alea Iacta Est to come participate in a server wide celebration to commemorate our 6th year of existence.

We ask that you come dressed in your finest gear for the occasion.  Bring your most fanciful mounts, pets, banners, tabards and fireworks.  Lots and lots of fire works.  Once assembled in Orgrimmar we shall commence our procession to our final destination.

The complete and utter devastation of Stormwind.

We shall attempt to hold this horrendous eyesore for exactly one hour with the help of our Horde brethren.  We even plan to announce our intentions to that wretched Varian Wrynn and invite his Alliance to try and stop us.

So come heroes!  Heed the call!  Begin preparing for what may end up being our greatest and most ambitious event in all our history.

Let up show our allies and our foes the true meaning of the word EPIC!