How About a Hobbit Sandwich?


New Player Bonus Rewards

AIE has grown into a fourth game, Lord of the Rings Online. With this steady stream of new players in LotRO for AIE, it has created a bubble of players all around the same level.

For any new players or alts that join between February 14 through March 14, we’ll provide armor, weapons, and jewelry, for level 15 and level 30 – even food, though not a hobbit sandwich.

So, the officers have thought about some ways to help the new players along their journey through Middle Earth. While questing and drops can yield some good gear, weapons, and occasional cool item, there are usually a gap here or there that is either old, useless, or otherwise undesirable.

We have been gathering and storing stacks and stacks of the mats to do this, so we’re ready for new players joining in the fun.

Recent Improvements In-Game

In the last major overhaul, the looting function changed drastically. When you killed a mob, you would need to loot each individually, and if your bags filled quickly, you would need to leave to sell the extras or delete them. Now, you can run through mobs, and the loot automagically appears in your bags.

Wait! It gets better, much better; if your bags are full, the loot is stored for up to 60 minutes in a temporary bag, giving you time to run back, turn in quests, and clean out the loot in an orderly manner. This has made the game so much faster, and more profitable, since dead mobs won’t keep the loot.

Another major enhancement comes from sharing kills, or tagging. If you contribute to a kill, even if you are not grouped into a fellowship with another player, you can get the same loot drop from the kill. No more loot-ninjas, where a higher level player steps in to help, and inadvertantly takes the loot since the game considered them the primary dealer-of-death. Subsequently, other players have become more willing to help you kill mobs.

Skirmishes, Instances, and PVmP

Lord of the Rings Online is easy to solo through or group, but if players can’t get more than a couple of friends together to do an Instance, they can do a Skirmish. Skirmishes scale by number of players and levels are chosen before entering. No waiting for a full party, just go!

While there isn’t a mechanism that allow you to “open up a can of hobbit breakfast and kick some Elven ash bows”, you can play the enemy of the Free People (FREEPS) of Middle Earth. In addition to playing and Orcs and Goblins, you can play a Warg or a Spider, from melee classes to spell casters.

We are planning an event for new players that want to play “CREEPS”, but new players need to have at least one FREEP at level 20 or above in order to know the game mechanics. Look to the forums for the announcement.

If you want to learn more about AIE in Lord of the Rings Online, check out our forums at