Friday Night Rifts and Raids with GypsyGirl


Rifting, Instant Adventures, Retro Raids and More!


Friday 2/15 Starting at 7pm EST All newer players are welcome to come checkout the world of Telara as we run around and have fun conquering Rifts, Instant Adventures, Plop! Achievement, and more.


We will be in the First Two Zones (Free March and Stonefield) also take a trip into the guild dimension to check out some of the awesome creations, plus tour a few of our guild’s most prolific dimension designer’s personal dimensions.(Storm Legion Expansion might be required for this last part.)

Starting at 7pm PST (Server Time) our Veteran AIE Rift players are Called to Arms to battle the forces of Hammerknell Fortress and fight back the minions of the foul Water Dragon – Akylios for RETRO RAID NIGHT part DEUX

See the Forum post in AIE Telara for more info