AIE Podcast Ep 136 — The Mordor, the Better

And on that note, we would like to thank all our amazing guests who managed to help us celebrate AIE in last week’s podcast! A huge thank you to Lanctharus, Mkallah, Ayhood, Stu, Bouvi, Appolas, Maxx, Stigg, Ralff, Gerp  and Maui! Thanks so much! Prizes have also been sent out to most of our winners! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Blizzcon has been announced for the weekend of Nov 8th and 9th. The guild hall planning has already begun! Remeber to RSVP on the site so we can get an accurate headcount! Between this, Dragon*Con and N13, it’s going to be a crazy, busy year for AIE!

AIE’s WoW Craft faire in the spring is ALREADY getting geared up to be ready to go for when it drops. Remember, this is purely a volunteer thing, so if you are looking to help, Syrene has all the infos for you! Check the forum post for details on how to sign up to help!

From the pictures posted, it looks like AIE is having a grand time taking down some of the newer “Gree” world bosses in SW:TOR. Max (man is he ALWAYS running someplace?) is leading the charge on these along with the rest of the Lords of Light, and it sounds like just about anyone can get in the fun on at least a few of the bosses. Check the thread for details if you are looking for something to do on Tuesday nights!

Not SPECIFICALLY News pertaining to AIE, but if you’ve been waiting to join in on the fun in WoW with AIE, now is a great time! You can get EVERYTHING, including Mists of Pandaria for a total of 35 dollars! (Vanilla/BC/Wrath is 5, Cata is 10 and Pandas are 20!)

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guest VanFlicke and Dux


  1. Dux:  State of the game (due: western rohan, epic quest continues).
  2. Dux:  Update 10 review.  ICPR tuning changes, 3 new instances (hobbit theme), gear set, legendary item tweaks, instance loot revamp.
  3. Dux:  You’ll be able to fight Smaug the dragon from the Hobbit.
    1. push towards areas from the Hobbit.
  4. Van:  Speak a little about how we have a lot of new members, leveling up through together and solo? Make a leveling group if you don’t find one.
  5. Dux:  New member gear rewards for level 15 and 30. There are typically 3 subtypes of gear per level so i don’t want to give an elf – dwarf armor, unless they want it.
  6. Van:  Skirmishes. How they work and what rewards you get from them, your companions: tank, healer, DPS (melee), DPS (ranged), tactical (debuff)
    1. scalable from solo, duo, 3, 6, and 12
    2. (instance are from 3 to 6)
    3. Marks,Medallions (bosses)
    4. buy tiered weapons, armor, cosmetics, potions, crafting recipes
  7. Dux:  Monster-play overview.
  8. Dux:  Raiding overview.
  9. Music system?


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank VanFlicke and Dux for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE EvE online!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
Overly Dramatic News
Ask Miss Mulgra
Hailing Frequencies
Hunter Talk
Alludra’s pets

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