AIE Podcast Ep 134 — AIE Podcast, now with more Pyramidian! Also Sqweasles!

We’ve got a new Guildie of the Moment, AIE’s Big Birthday Bash, and Swagapalooza! All that and more coming up right now. This is the AIE Podcast.


We have a new Guildie of the Moment! Everyone give a big three cheers to Enn! Many many great things have been said about Enn including:

  • Enn has been a great asset to the SWTOR and TF2 community, and makes AIE a better place with his presence,
  • He is always nice, cheerful and very helpful.
  • I love seeing members putting in effort to make new members welcome.

So three cheers for Enn our Guildie of the moment! Feel free to send congratulations on the forums, in game or even via steam! And remember if you know someone who deserves the spotlight let your officers know at! We love hearing about the great people who make our community shine!

AIE’s 6th Anniversary is next week, and ALL WEEK we’re going to have events! Check out the forum post for all the details! Looks like:
2/10    Sunday Night:    LotRO  – Housewarming!
2/11   Monday Night:     SW:tOR  – Pelell’s Pretentious PvP &Tantalizing Trivia Test
2/12   Tuesday Night:     GW2   –  Ralff’s Slash and Burn thru Tyria
2/13   Wednesday Night: TSW   –
2/14   Thursday Night : Valentine’s Day—with a Very Special AIE Podcast
2/15   Friday Night:         Rift  – Friday Night Rifts with Gypsygirl
2/16   Saturday Night: WoW –  Lanc’s Progressive Dinner with Dessert in Stormwind.

And speaking of the AIE Podcast, next week we will be giving away tons of swag to members of AIE to enter into our Swagapalooza givaway. The prizes aren’t big dollar items, but what we lack in quality, we make up in quantity. 66 items are on the chopping block to give away, and one, or more, of them can be yours. To enter, go to the AIE forums and look for the Swagapalooza post.

Raid on Amazing Jakes on Friday, Feb 9th in the Arizona area. The anniversary week might be next week, but that’s not stopping these folks from having a good time before then! Check the forum post or for details!

Tynchal over in the AIE forums has thrown down the gauntlet! Apparently he found out he’s older than Old Man Franks and wants to know “Am I the oldest guy here?” Tynchal who just celebrated his 69th birthday offers a challenge to the members of AIE to see if he is the true ‘old man’ of AIE.

Book of Heroes AIE’rs, there have been a few slots opening up on various guilds. There is now going to be a requirement to have a VenanID to sign up, so that might prevent you from getting invited if you have not yet done so. I know there were a few slots available in a few different guilds, ranging from 0 might to 500, 1000 and 1800. Every 2 weeks we’re cleaning out idle folks with 2 weeks or longer since last login.

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guests Sindrake and RattoZatto!

AIE:TSW doing very well since B2P conversion.
TSW itself doing very well…increased sales and player activity
Explain “restructuring”?

Weekly Cabal Activities
Monday Night Dungeons
Wednesday Night Lairs
Cthulhu Wednesdays
Daily Nightmares

AIE Anniversary Event Feb. 13th
Guided Tour/Lore run of 1712 Fire
“Running of the Beef” style run from Polaris Helicopter to Agartha Portal
Dance party at the Crusades hosted by MrDusk and DJ Drake.

And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Rattozatto and Sindrake for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to various members of AIE for the AIE birthday bash!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
Ask Miss Mulgra
Alludra’s Pets
Hunter Talk
Overly Dramatic News
Hailing Frequencies

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