Congratulations to our newest GotM, Prevenge

Let’s ring in the new year right with a brand new Guildie of the Moment! Three cheers everyone for Prevenge!

This guildie went above and beyond the call of duty by procuring a Mists of Pandaria Collector’s edition for another fellow guildie, Mortoss, when his local retailers ran out of the collector’s edition box.

But wait! Not only did Prevenge purchase the expansion for Mortoss, he then drove it to his house!

The full story from Mortoss can be found on the forums, so if you can’t find him in game to congratulate him head on over there!

Remember we officers have our eyes open for this sort of super guildie behavior but we can’t see all of the awesome in AIE! If you know someone who went above and beyond let the officers know by writing an email to Prevenge, we salute you!