AIE Ventures into the Book of Heroes!

Book of Heroes IconBook of Heroes is a Free-to-Play Game(with in-app purchases available) by Venan Entertainment that is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is an MMO in a loose sense, as there are guild mechanics, raiding as well as leveling and gearing up aspects, as well as VERY recently added, crafting!

We are pleased to announce that while this game has a lot more loose ‘structure’ because of it’s very nature and limited guild size, AIE has officially ventured into such.

Currently, there are four AIE guilds within the game, and this will most likely be extended as the need arises. The game has actually been out for quite some time, but the MMO aspect (it was single player for quite some time) and raiding were added in 2012.

  • AIE
  • AIE Audicia
  • AIE Fortuna
  • AIE Liberates  <– yes yes, blame autocorrect, it’s fine! 😉  -Ghomus

The rules are pretty straightforward and because of the really limited guild size, we ask that folks abide by such:

  • One character per member per guild is permitted.
  • You must log in at least once every 30 days
  • Removal from guild means if you come back, might end up in a different guild.
  • You must have a Venan ID within 2 weeks of joining. This is a unique identifier seperate from character name. For example, in chat I show up as “shownotfound(Ghomus)”. Also Venan ID allows you to have alts!

When member reaches 1000 might, they’re promoted to Veteran (which can start raids).  Earned Guild perks are immediately available, to all member levels.  These include things like 5% armor boost, 5% magic increase, etc.

There is a wiki page for the guild, which will be updated as our presence in the game develops.