AIE Podcast Ep 130 — The Real AIE

Part 1

More games, more meetups, and we have the WoW Head Brony himself! All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, this is the AIE Podcast Episode 130, the die HAS been podcast. Broadcasting from beautiful Northern California, this is Ghomus. Joining me from only a quarter of the state away is Alludra. And coming at us from the deep South out in Central Alabama, is Acuzod.

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Lanctharus and Mkallah standing by to talk to us about World of Warcraft but first, the news…

Part 2


It’s only been a short while since the LAST AIE Craft Faire, but the spring fair is coming up for world of warcraft, and a few fine folks are already starting to collect mats! There are going to be rather a few threads popping up, so if you just check the professions section of the AIE WoW forums, all the hot info is there!

Space….the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship…AIE! That’s right, this week AIE has officially GERP’d into Star Trek Online. Another free to play MMO now has the mark of a quality gaming community on it. Come join the fun, and seek out new life and new civilizations!

Because you OBVIOUSLY have way too much free time, and there are periods in your day when you just cannot be in front of a computer, AIE has also ventured into an an iOS/Android game called the “Book of Heroes”

So. California AIE late winter Meetup

Come joins your guild mates from Southern California for some lunch and most importantly beers frosty beverages! Join Lanctharus (WoW Guildmaster and all around goofball) for what we hope will be a lovely afternoon. Watch him as he freaks out over people’s terribad juke box selections.

aeltor on the forums has created a list of the top 25 pet battle players with the help of Yes, this is the same fine chap who is also creating the list of the top 25 achievement points earning toons in the guild! So if you want to see how you stack up with the rest of AIE’s amazing pet tamers, head on over to the forums to check out the list!

Stupidgenius of AIE rift fame is organizing events for Crafting, Great Hunt, rifts or Dungeons! So far he’s trying to run every Monday & Wednesday at 7pm server(PST). The sneaky Rift officer is coordinating these events through twitter so follow @_stupidgeinus to catch the announcements as they happen!

And now, let’s welcome in our special guests, Lanctharus and Mkallah…


Lanctharus: Hello again! I hope you made it through the holidays without losing your mind, patience or amassing a huge amount of holiday debt. I will not ask how your waistline fared as mine has suffered greatly. /cry

Been busy playing games that I swore to myself that I was not going to buy myself before Christmas. Damn you STEAM! I haven’t been playing Lanctharus much as of late as I have been focusing on my original main that I first started in Warcraft. Man did I miss playing a warrior. I guess I have a thing for smacking things with oversized two handed weapons.

Which btw according to the latest patch notes, Blizzard why you nerfing me? *sniffles
Shockwave and Second Wind

[Ask Mkallah how her game time and holidays have gone]

Lanc talks about losing his smartphone. Which had his authenticator installed on.. Which means he had to call Blizzard… But no worries I got my access back but while we are at it let’s talk a little about account security.

Mathannug reminded me that the AIE Gaming Community will be celebrating its 6th anniversary on February 13th. What and how are you planning on celebrating this milestone?

Although we are still very early in the planning stages I called dibs on the evening of Saturday, Feb. 16th. We are going to have a party on a massive scale so bring your best looking gear, tabards, banners, mounts. Oh and you may want to bring along a few pieces of PvP gear.

*Maniacal laughter

[Talk about some fond memories of the AIEGC]

Founding of the Centurions and our first ever meeting
Crashing Blizzcon 2008
The first time we stepped into Mana Tombs with Stigg, Xanar and Parlett.
That one time I got squashed like a bug trying to tank my very first heroic. (Hellfire Ramparts)

Guild bank gold discussion. Average weekly gold loss is averaging about 16K, At current rate gold reserves will be depleted mid 2015. The guild repair gold limit of 50g per day per toon will continue but remember that we reserve the right to update the repair amount when necessary.

You can see our guild metric at the following address:

Really folks! We are here for you. If you see us in the Boiler Room or one of the general lounge channels in Vent please stop by and talk.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus and Mkallah for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Guild Wars 2

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
Overly Dramatic News
Ask Miss Mulgra
Mod Minute
Epic Diapers Standup Routine
Alludra’s Pets
The AIE Raid Wrapup! (it’s back!)

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