AIE Podcast Ep 129 — 4 Brookbank Street, Troutbottom

We’ve got a new Guildie of the Moment, more guild meetups, and we talk to the gang from AIE LOTRO. All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…

Good evening ladies and gentleman, this is the AIE Podcast, episode 129! Broadcasting from beautiful Northern California, this is Ghomus. (Ghomus catchphrase) Joining me from a hop, skip, and a jump away is Alludra. (Alludra greetings). And coming at us from way down yonder out in Central Alabama, is Acuzod. (AcuZod greeting)

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Apolas and Ingormar, but first, the news…

Let’s start the new year with a new guildie of the moment! Everyone give a ┬ábig congratulations to Prevenge! This guildie went above and beyond by securing a collectors edition MOP box for Mortoss when the retailers in his area sold out. Prevenge then drove it to Mortoss rather than ship it! Wow!
Remember we officers have our eyes open for this sort of super guildie behaviour but we can’t see all of the awesome in AIE! If you know someone who went above and beyond let the officers know by writing an email to Prevenge, we salute you!

Also the officers of AIE world of warcraft would like to re-welcome Ghomus into the game! yay! Ghomus, whom you may have heard of has been an officer in other games but has recently decided to rejoin the AIE world of warcraft community as an officer! Ghomus, welcome back and…don’t you ever just want to play?

-For those of you that are in the Chicagoland area, there is going to be a meetup at Medieval Times on Feb 2nd. Go and get your grub on (with your hands, no silverware!) and watch some quality Jousting!
-In the DC Area there are some folks going to what appears to be called “MagFest” that is happening THIS VERY WEEKEND. Check out the post for more details! Games and music all weekend!
-Other meetups are being tentively suggested on the forums and the site so if you are interested in going, or want to plan your own meetup in the new year, head on over and get to planning! It’s surprisingly easy!

It’s now been just over a year since AIE ventured into a Galaxy Far Far Away! Our Dark Lord, Pel-patine, has assembled a great yearbook of pictures, and a few other folks have contributed links as well. Come check it out, it’s pretty fun. And remember, free to play so join the fun anytime!

The steam Holiday sale is still going on and going strong! That’s right, they aren’t done emptying our pockets! At least not until the 5th. Head over to steam and see if you can grab that game you have had your eye on at a fantastic price. Or avoid steam entirely. That seems the better route.

Speaking of Steam, we have a Steam game giveaway, courtesy of Belthaz! Belthaz has graciously donated a copy of Dungeons of Dremor to give away to our podcast listeners, which will will do right now….

Patch 5.2 has hit the world of warcraft PTR. What’s 5.2? Only this humongous new patch that is going to change a bunch of stuff! What kind of stuff? How about a new raiding their? More to the legendary quest! Changes to the world boss system, and the ability to buy the farm! Head on over to the official patch notes to see what they plan on implementing and to keep track of all that will be changed by the time the patch goes live!

If you have a friend who is considering spending tons of money to transfer characters over to the earthen ring server to play in AIE, the officers would like to remind you to suggest that they roll a character specifically to see if we are the right fit for them! Rolling a new character is free and we don’t care if you later decide to delete them! World of warcraft applications are open to everyone during the first 7 days of the month!

And with that, let’s welcome in Apolas and Ingormar to talk about AIE LOTROTROOTORO

Lord of the Rings Online is the official MMORPG for Middle earth. The game was released April 2007, and AIE has established a settlement in the game at the end of the previous year.

The kinship was officially named alea iacta est on 12/27.

There are four ranks in the kinship –
Leader – whose main purpose to provide an anchor for the kinship and promote officers.
Officers – same as in most games
Kinsman/Kinswoman – the regular folks of the kinship
Recruits – new applicants

We have a Kinship House in the Shire Homesteads, at 4 Brookbank Street, Troutbottom. Members are welcome to use the house to donate items to the kin, decorations for placement in the house.

Yule Fest is ending today – the annual Christmas celebration
Sales on the expansions will be expiring soon, currently they are half off on Steam.

Riders of Rohan is the latest expansion, released October of 2012. Level cap 85, mounted combat.

AIE members in good standing are welcome to apply for membership at any time and become Kinsmen when accepted. Applicants without toons in any AIE guild in any game will go through the recruit level of membership.

The game is F2P and includes the three starting areas – Ered Luin, The Shire, and Bree-lands. Also now includes Lone-lands, so providing content up to level 35. Expansions can be bought via Turbine Points or Cash. Quest-packs and deeds for areas not purchased can be bought as well. Deeds in the free-to-play areas grant TP upon completion and so it is possible (just not likely) to play the game entirely for free.

Items bought in the Turbine Store add to the game but are not required to play the game.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Apolas and Ingormar for joining us! Stay tuned for our great mystery guests next week!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
– Southern Gaming with Bouvi
– ModMinute
– Ask Miss Mulgra
– MegaMinute
– Alludra’s Pets

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