AIE Explores Strange New Worlds

Star Trek Online Expedition

The basics:

Fleet Name – 195th Special Operations Group (‘195’ being the numerical equivalent of ‘AIE’)

Faction – Federation (overall they have the most polish in terms of content plus you can’t play Klingon until you have a mid level Fed character)

Membership – ALL are welcome, from brand new players to veterans to alts.

STO Overview – The game is free to play (F2P) has undergone a great deal of improvements since launch. It’s a free to play model that truly is free to play. You can get to max level without spending a dime, or even earn in game dilithium to exchange with players for RL ‘zen’ (the real world money currency). There are a wide variety of missions and you can work through the current crop of storylines (Klingon then Romulan then Breen then Unditine, etc.) and even replay missions you’ve already done to earn rewards again. In addition to developer generated content there are some very, very well made player created missions with more being made all the time. Explore, fight, craft, collect, play dress up, min-max, raid, hangout … play how you like. =)

195th Overview – The fleet is currently building it’s own Starbase (guild housing)! We are very close to getting it’s initial structure build and once the starbase is built, we will be able to transwarp directly to it and beam on board and walk around and hang out. Construction of a starbase requires the collection of assets like dilithium, personnel, fleet credits, etc. and we can continue to upgrade the starbase for more features and functionality (like a bar, mail access, mission giving NPCs, etc.) We also have a fleet bank, uniforms (for your alternate fleet uniform slot), and a super excited attitude. =) All in all it’s a very exciting time to join up!

New players – Feel free to DL the game and hop on board. It’s free, and we are MORE than willing to answer questions, give tips, and generally help out when we can.

Veteran players – You are more than welcome to bring your main or even park some alts in the fleet, drop in, help out with base construction, run around Q’s winter wonderland with us, and just enjoy that trademark AIE camaraderie. =)

Please see Capt. Hunter’s post in the Imperium Lūdī for more information.