Welcome AIE to LotRO!

It is with great pleasure to announce the expansion into yet another distant land, the realm of Middle Earth. Starting today, Alea Iacta Est’s kinship in the Lord of the Rings Online is officially in settlement status.

The past few months, Ingormar and his team have laid the ground work to make this possible, and I want to thank them for their effort. Because of the work they have put in with the test guild Journey to Second Breakfast, we have a kinship house as well as a longer guild lifespan which equates to a higher guild member limit. The guild will be shortly renamed to Alea Iacta Est, and we will retain those perks.

Currently, applications are open to all, for both new members and existing members from other AIE games. Guild policies are posted, as well as a LotRO FAQ. If you have any other questions, you may email the LotRO officers at officers@lotro.aie-guild.org.

Your LotRO Officers are as follows:

  • Ingormar (Kinship Master)
  • Apolas
  • Bofbir
  • Gorgesh
  • Sartavius
  • Tonantius
  • Abovan
  • Maxz
  • Pelell

Welcome to Middle Earth, AIE!