AIE Podcast Ep 128 — Arg! Sqweasle!

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Sindrake, Grimbane and Halflight standing by to talk to us about AIE in The Secret World, but first, the news…


First up, we have very sad news to share. Those of you in AIE WoW may have met Borgaz. He was a member of Gank and Spank and Floor Tanks raiding teams. We regret to announce that Borgaz, whose real name was Glenn, passed away on Dec 14th. The forums are overflowing with thoughts and memories of Glenn. If you knew Borgaz in game, his real life friend Calethiel would appreciate your posting your memories of Glenn, which will be printed out and presented to Glenn’s family. Borgaz will be added to our annual Remembrance Day event.

The members in  AIE are so awesome we just have to celebrate and give cheers to another Guildie of the moment! So everyone, three cheers for Neuriod!

  • He has a great vent presence as well, narrating some of the summer of love events like a game show host. I really loved his enthusiasm.
  • His good humor and his desire to include everyone were really evident.
  • he has a fun enthusiasm that keeps everyone engaged

So everyone give Neuroid a big congrats if you see him in game! And remember if you know a guild member that is completely awesome and totally deserving of a moment of praise, send an email to

For you fans of Lord of the Rings Online, we are happy to announce the AIE LOTRO Expedition has graduated to full-fledged settlement. If you are interested in joining AIE in Middle Earth, we are on the Landroval server. Just log into UMAMI and submit your application.

It seems there’s been some confusion about whether or not meetups can be posted on the forums. To make things clear you can post on both site and the forums. We do strongly encourage meetups to be posted on the site, just so members can catch all the great meetups going on.

Solidefy on the forums is wondering if anyone in the DC area will be heading to the Music and Gaming festival happening on January 3-6th. No word yet if he’s just gauging interest or if he’s seeing if members are interested in a meetup. If you are interested or want to learn more he has links in the forum thread.

AIE in Guild Wars 2 is organizing Sunday night dungeon runs for their members. Start time can vary, but the members are working hard to clear the dungeons and I am sure, would like more members to join them. Details can be found in the Guild Wars 2 section of the forums.

And since we are talking about Guild Wars, a new holiday started December 14th, Wintersday! The holiday has a bunch of new events, items and general holiday cheer that makes me jealous that I am not playing too! Details can be found on the Guild Wars 2 website or in the forums.

Potentially exciting Steam news! Valve just released the “Steam Community
Market.” At this point you can buy and sell Team Fortress 2 items in a auction house style. Very similar to Diablo 3’s real money auction site. The money gained goes into your steam wallet to fund your incurable need to buy games you will never play during the upcoming Steam Winter sale. Check it out at Http://

“How has your raid team progressed in MoP? Are you 4 of 6 in Mogushan Vaults? Or, are you just beginning to learn how to take down the three dogs in Stone Guard? The AIE Raid Wrapup has been resurrected after a long hiatus! Check AIE Raid Wrapup thread on the community discussion section on the forums, or email for special requests or shoutouts! Segments will be recorded, compiled and included at the end of the AIE Podcast every week or two. You can also tweet Sihx @epicdiapers if you have any questions.”

Beefmaster, head of AIE Stream, wants everyone to be aware of the big Steam Winter Sale that is upon us. From now until January 5th, Steam will be deluging us with the biggest games sales of the year. There are new major games sales every day, and flash sales where 3 games are deeply discounted, like 50 – 75%,  every 6 hours. You even get a chance to vote on the games you’d like to see on sale, and get alerts to your mobile device of choice if a game in your Wishlist goes on sale. You can follow AIE_STEAM on Twitter for up to the nanosecond updates for as long as Beefmaster can stay awake.

For anyone interested in AIE’s expeditions into new games, the Planetside 2 Expedition Team is holding an event this Saturday the 22nd to help people explore the game. Planetside 2 is free to play, and a lot of fun. If you are interested, check the forums for details.

And now, some news from a galaxy far, far away…

[Play SWTOR Express Bumper]

And with that, let’s welcome Sindrake, Grimbane and Halflight to the show…


All about TSW going B2P.

$30 for the entire game, up to Issue #4.  Also includes Issue #5 for anyone who registers an account before the end of December.  No restrictions whatsoever on gameplay…you will not have to pay for “inconvenience removal”.  Joel Bylos (TSW game director) compares it to buying a game like Skyrim or Borderlands, where the entire game is available upon purchase and DLC is periodically released for a fee.

Subscribers and lifetimers will receive 1200 points ($10) a month for the cash shop, a discount to purchases (10% for subs, 20% for lifetimers), a unique clothing item each month not otherwise available, and an item that can be used  once every 16 hours for a 100% xp boost for 1 hour (comparable to rest xp in other games).

TSW currently fluxuates between 3 and 9th place on Steam. Sold out on Sunday.

PVP had a big problem with balancing last update but after a few weeks of hard work the balance seems to be very balanced now.

Issue 5 The Search for Tyler Freeborn dropped wednesday.


  • investigation missions repeatable
  • lets players bind hotkeys to items
  • adds new missions surrounding the blogger Tyler Freeborn.
  • New Aux weapon! Quantum Brace. This weapon “exists in two states.” When an attack lands another, follow up attack will become available.
  • The Issue also introduces the End of Days event which starts on Dec. 21, 2012.
    • In addition to all the new and already live content in Issue #5, an in-game End of Days event will start on the 21st of December and will last until January 7th (if the world survives). During the event hordes of Mayan zombies will rise, three giant Harbingers will walk the earth, and the  God of the Nine Underworlds will come to end this age. The players get new missions, face new challenges and can earn many unique rewards, such as pets or special weapons.
  • End of Days Contest
    • A competition will be running during the event. Players earn points by defeating these new threats and gaining their special loot. The top thousand players will be rewarded with a unique title, and the top hundred will get an exclusive pet. Players will be able to track their standing in the competition through The Secret World’s special  Chronicle system.


  • new Investigation mission in the Shadowy Forest
  • new Sabotage mission in the Scorched Desert


The ARG: Augmented Reality Gaming. Tied into the End of The World!


  • Real Phone calls
  • Community Cooperation
  • Variety of puzzles
  • In-game rewards for completing missions.
  • Adds to immersion


Leet in the game now and a must own!



And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Sindrake, Grimbane and Halflight for joining us!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

  • The Unsegment
  • Overly Dramatic News
  • Jedi Mind Trick of the Week!
  • Mod Minute
  • Ask Miss Mulgra
  • Alludra’s Pets
  • Megaminute

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