Congratulations to our newest GOTM Takemikazuch

It’s that time again! No not to read zod’s funny flash cards, but it’s time for a new guildie of the moment! Everyone give three cheers to Takemikazuch! This guildie some of the amazing things said about Take-my-zucchini are:

  • When I see a post by this member, it’s usually one that makes me say, “this person understands AIE.”
  • Every experience I’ve had with him has been positive. He doesn’t even get mad when he has to tell people over and over again how to say his name.
  • Great guy, seems to have a good attitude, I’m looking forward to the many different butcherings of his name on the AIE podcast when he’s announced as the GOTM.

So everyone congratulate Take… er…… Bob when you see him!

And remember if you know someone who is an awesome example of what it is to be AIE please let your officers know by sending an email to!