AIE Podcast Ep 126 — Step 3: Profit

AIE Podcast Episode 126 – Step 3: Profit!

We’ve got a new Guildie of the Moment, a major patch for WoW, and Angry Pangolians.  All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…


Greetings ladies and gentleman, this is the AIE Podcast Episode 126! Broadcasting from beautiful Northern California, this is Ghomus. (Ghomus catchphrase) Joining me from only a quarter of the state away is Alludra. (Alludra greetings). And coming at us from the deep South out in Central Alabama, is Acuzod. (AcuZod greeting)

[Host welcome and chitchat]

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Lanctharus and Nymphaedora joining us, but first, the news…



It’s that time again! No not to read zod’s funny flash cards, but it’s time for a new guildie of the moment! Everyone give three cheers to Takemikazuch! Some of the amazing things said about Take-my-zucchini are:

  • When I see a post by this member, it’s usually one that makes me say, “this person understands AIE.”
  • Every experience I’ve had with him has been positive. He doesn’t even get mad when he has to tell people over and over again how to say his name.
  • Great guy, seems to have a good attitude, I’m looking forward to the many different butcherings of his name on the AIE podcast when he’s announced as the GOTM.

And to say congrats, here’s a blast from the past with some special outtakes from Koltrane and the Raid Wrap-up..
[Play Koltrane Outtakes]

It’s Movie time for AIE! We have two different groups meeting up on December 15th for a screening of The Hobbit! If you are in the Southern California or Raleigh NC, then head on over to the website and look for the Alea Iacta Est gaming community. Joining is free, and you can plan your own meetups easily through the site!

Patch 5.1, Landfall, has finally arrived in the  World of Warcraft! This patch includes numerous changes that impact pretty much everyone in game. Things like class balance and bug fixes are in there, but there have also been huge changes to the pet battling system, the new Item level upgrade system, the new brawler’s guild that no one can seem to get into and we definitely shouldn’t be talking about, scenario changes, and too much more to list. For more info, check the patch notes on We have a link in the shownotes.

So Stu and Ayhood mentioned in the last show all about what was going on with the new Guild Dimension in RIFT. It looks like they’ve been rather busy getting ours all fancied up! Check out the full gallery for all the pics!

Star Wars Free to Play dropped just a few short weeks ago. And with the advent of this change, they’ve added Cartel Coins! There seems to be SO many things that people are buying with these coins, check out the So What Did You Get post in the AIE Old Republic forum for great ideas and to see what seem to be the hot items!

Grimbane and crew are trying to make The Secret World LESS of a secret to new players. They are trying to schedule and organize some early content nights to get people through content! On a personal note, I unfortunately don’t have the time or money to play more than one MMO anymore, but rest assured these are some of the most understanding and patient people you will EVER run with. AIE Through and Through.

Taxillus Transtellar and the affiliated corporations that make up AIES [Applied Integrated Enterprises in Space] in EVE Online has been war dec’d.  Capsuleers are urged to follow the following wartime protocols
[Play Clip sent to podcast]

And if that wasn’t enough space battling for you, AIEU and TEST have also started a new war Check out their thread in the  AIE Universal forum.

The Angry Pangolins want you! AIE’s expeditionary force in Mechwarrior Online wants you to join in on the giant robot stomping fun! To find out how to join the expedition,check out the Mechwarrior Online: Lances post in the Imperium Ludi forum for details!

Sweetie Belle is just freaking adorable!  If Ghomus says this Lanc 1 Ghomus 0


Lanc: Hey gang!  It has been a super busy time for us in WoW and the entire AIEGC.  Patch 5.1 is out and I hope you are enjoying all the new changes and content brought to us by the patch.  With that I wanted to touch on a few topics we have been dealing within the WoW section of the community.

But to emphasize how important some of these topics are I personally invited Nymphaedora to be on this episode. [Nymph talks about herself and her AIE experiences here]

* Joined AIE in SWTOR in January with my boyfriend Allanya after it was released.

* Always interested in joining AIE in WoW and moving to Earthen Ring, but
– Name availability held us up.
– Attended an AIE Phoenix meet up in April
– 100% sold on transferring after meeting so many amazing people!

* I have two main characters in WoW:
– Nymphaedora is my level 86 Tauren Restoration Druid
– Nevermore is my lvl 90 Protection Paladin (previously Holy – BOO to healing in Cata!)
– Healer at heart but I have an addiction… and the solution is MOAR TANKING!

* The AIE community has really boosted my confidence as far as trying new stuff in game. I even got up the courage to try to raiding! Originally I signed up as a healer but ended up filling an empty tanking spot. I still have lots to learn but am thankful for my raid team <Coffee & Crits> who are all patient enough to give me a chance! And btw, this morning on our fourth attempt in Mogu’shan Vaults, we killed The Stone Guards finally, so YAY! 🙂

* Other random stuff about Nymph! *
– Alchemy Captain for the Craft Faire
– Addicted to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Thanks to Lanctharus!
(And the MLP figure random grab bags – Thanks Shojo! >.< )
– Outside of WoW, I’m a nanny for triplets and create silly geeky jewelry 🙂
– Twitter: @QuotedNevermore

Now on to our discussion. Lanc get’s all serious business.

Topic numero uno.

We have had a lot of complaints from established and new members about the nature fo the guild itself.  With the Mist of Pandaria release we have had over 1000 brand new players  join our guild.  With that we of course suffer from a few growing pains.  New players are unaccustomed to the culture of AIE and older players complain about the growing “unruly’ nature of newer players.  Let me be clear on this, this is totally expected.  If there is one thing that the officer corps is very aware after all these years is of the ever changing nature of our guild.


  • Our guild culture does not exist in a vacuum.
  • Change is inevitable.  Get used to it an embrace it.
  • Beware of “Old Timey Disease” aka.  Things were better back in my day.
  • New players need to understand that AIE as a guild is very different from your traditional guild experience.
  • High expectations of member behavior and how they interact with guild mates and fellow players on Earthen Ring

Remember reading the AIE policy in reference to behavior we expect from our members?  I highly recommend rereading the policies to refresh your understanding and remember that “Ignorance of the policy is never an excuse”.

To our established members of our community.  Remember hearing about what has been referred to as the “AIE Way”?

This means we want you to remember that we were all new players in the guild once and because of our special nature there is a period of acclimatization to guild standards of behavior.  Remember to be hospitable, understanding and always be willing to give a helping hand.  Pay it forward!

If you do come across a guild member who “just doesn’t get it” or is being purposefully rude, belligerent and gets off being disruptive, let the officers know about via in game whispers, e-mails ( or talk to us in Vent.


  • Provide us with as much information & detail
  • Screen captures are always good
  • Officers will deal with the offending player.
  • Have you ever heard of the platinum rule?

You would be surprised how the majority of altercations are due to plain old miscommunications and it usually takes nothing more a simple touch on the shoulder to remedy the situation.  For those people who are truly jerks, well they don’t last long in AIE do they?

Topic numero ni.

Speaking about communication I really cannot emphasize how important getting to know your guild mates really is.


  • Visit and read the forums often
  • Follow the guild’s official Twitter feed @AIE_Guild
  • Check out the community website
  • Listen to this podcast or watch the video
  • Frequent use of Ventrillo to talk to your guildmates

We are always at a loss at how few of our members read the forums, listen to this podcast, follow the guild Twitter feed, visit the main guild site or utilize the Ventrillo service.

Remember that these are your guild mates/friends and you are really missing out on getting to know people.   Hop into Vent and listen to me rant on about My Little Pony, video games and share stories.  Come experience the outright crazed discussions that we have on Vent and I promise you that you will shoot liquid out of your nose at least once from laughter.

Item three.

Feedback.  We the officers of the AIEGC really want to hear what you have to say both good and bad.  If something is going well tell us and we will try to make it even better.

If something is going pear shape don’t keep it to yourself.  Let us know and we will try to address the issue as soon as we can.


G: And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus and Nymphaedora for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to those amazing members of AIE SWTOR.

A: Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
Ask Miss Mulgra
Overly Dramatic News
Alludra’s Pets

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Shoutout to AltheMage for this week’s show title.