AIE Podcast Ep 125 — Rift Meets Minecraft


We’ve got more games, more content for existing games, and we talk to some of the gang from AIE RIFT! All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…



Good evening ladies and Gentleman, this is the AIE Podcast Episode 125! Broadcasting from beautiful Northern California, this is Ghomus. (Ghomus catchphrase) Joining me from only a quarter of the state away is Alludra. (Alludra greetings). And coming at us from the deep South out in Central Alabama, is Acuzod. (AcuZod greeting)

[Host welcome and chitchat]

We’ve got a great show today, and we’d like to welcome special guests StupidGenius and Ayhood. How are you guys doing?

[Stu and Ay say Hi!]

We’ll be talking to them about AIE RIFT coming up, but first, let’s tackle the news…



The AIE World of Warcraft Craft Faire and Raffle were a huge success, and SO many prizes given out! A list has been posted on the forums. If you won a Pet, you should receive it in the mail, but the mounts are to be handed out in person. So make sure and check it to see if you won!

Talk about new content day! The young upstart of the group, Guild Wars 2, ALSO got a content patch dropping today! A new monster condition to ward against, the means to do so through infusions, and the first item rarity type: Ascended!

Because there aren’t NEARLY enough games to play right now…..are you interested in seeing what is going on with the Mechwarrior MMO? The Open Beta has started and AIE is exploring the idea of an official presence. The GURP Expedition process has started, so get in the game to see if it’s something you’d like to play with AIE!

AIE in The Secret World is turning out to not be a huge secret! Mantus on the forums has a thread talking about his recent experiences discussing the game with a Funcom community manager, who happens to have been a member of AIE! Though we don’t know the details and wish to respect her privacy, she still gave AIE a recent shoutout!

Speaking of The Secret World, Issue #4 is also dropping today! Sindrake has posted thread on the forums a link to all the news, and it Looks like Big Trouble in New York City! A beautiful theatre has also opened to explore!

Ventrillo has a new layout! We know that everyone loves our guild’s ventrillo services, but lately things have been a bit mixed up and confusing! The officers were finding a lot of the general common rooms were going unused, so we decided to clean the place up a bit, while making the boiler room a bit easier to find! For more discussion on the topic and a reminder of the rules check the forum thread.

Ballcap Giveaway.  We had ten contest entries from people watching our new live video stream, so let’s give away a ballcap!

SWTOR News Summary from Audio Update!
Free-2-Play starts 11/15 (Today!)
3 Tiers of players:

Free-to-Play: New Players to SWTOR

Preferred: Any returning SWTOR Players as well as anyone that makes their first purchase in the

Cartel Store of 5 dollars or more.

Subscribed: Pays a monthly fee for all game content.

Free-to-play has some restrictions, but they will be able to play though the whole story game, from level 1 to max level 50.
Admission to AIE will be “business as usual”. UMAMI yer way in!

And finally, the Storm Legion Expansion for Rift has just been released, which means it’s time to talk to our guests who have been waiting so patiently. Let’s welcome Stupidgenius and Ayhood!


Stu: First and foremost I would like to congratulation Ayhood on becoming an officer in RIFT!

Storm Legion is Released!

Official Patch Notes:

Forum Discussion thread:

If you have been out of the game for a while there is a post

Dimensions Craftables Thread-

Show off Guild Dimensions


A vast new world

  • Adventure across two huge new continents that more than triple the size of the existing world
  • Experience epic stories that reveal the true power in Telara … and the gateway to the planes
  • Make your move to the island city of Tempest Bay, a new stronghold for both Guardians and Defiant




  • A new Soul for each Calling expands the Ascended Class System – build the hero you want!
  • Rise to new heights of power through 10 challenging levels, increasing the level cap to 60
  • Play your way! Choose how you level with questing and Instant Adventure everywhere, onslaughts, rifts, events, and more


  • Achieve greatness with 7 new dungeons, 3 raids, a Chronicle, and more!
  • Join the Hunt: New rift gameplay propels you into battling increasingly-challenging planar bosses
  • Fight legions of fantastic creatures, including a Colossus that interacts with – and ravages – the world like you’ve never seen


  • Dimensions: Customizable spaces allow players and guilds to own a sliver of Telara
  • Take your professions to new heights with Grandmaster crafting
  • Become the talk of the town and boost your stats with stylish new capes
  • New puzzles, artifacts and collectibles, achievements, mounts, pets, titles, and much more

To find out all the details of how to join AIE in RIFT go to:

Questions via Twitter::
From @beefmaster – as a avid 3-4 hour a day wow player, what is the one thing most compelling about rift that would make me consider playing?

Also @beefmaster has the game changed at all to make it feel easier to learn? biggest hurdle when I tried the game at launch was trying to absorb a whole second games worth of lore,items,gear,stats, etc

From @Abovan – If we don’t have any high level characters, is it worth spending the money on the expansion?


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Ayhood and Stu for joining us! Next week we’ll be taking a break for the Turkey Day celebration here in America, but the week after that, we’ll be talking to the gang from World of Warcraft

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
– Ask Miss Mulgra
– Overly Dramatic News
– Mod Minute
– Ask Jeeves

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