AIE Podcast Ep 124 – The Hat King!

AIE Podcast Episode 124 – The Hat King!


We talk Guild Wars 2 costume brawls with Laniuis, pimp the Craft Fair, and we give away a hat! All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…

Good evening ladies and gentleman, this is AIE Podcast Episode 124. Broadcasting from beautiful Northern California, this is Ghomus. (Ghomus catchphrase) Joining me from only a quarter of the state away is Alludra. (Alludra greetings). And coming at us from the deep South out in Central Alabama, is Acuzod. (AcuZod greeting)

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Lanius hanging out on deck to talk to us about Guild Wars 2, but first, the news…


It’s that time again! No not for silly hats, but time for a new guildie of the moment! We would like to encourage all to give it up for Gallibond! Not only is this member active in the TOR community, but he’s also been a very helpful in Guild Wars 2 and in World of Warcraft! Don’t take my word for it, members had these great things to say about him:

  • He is always nice and helpful.  Love the events he puts together
  • All my interactions with him have been nothing but positive. I appreciate his dedication to the community.
  • He is very nice guy and he has even hosted a few guild events!

So three cheers for Gallibond! And remember if you would like to nominate a player for Guildie of the moment, send your officers an email at!

We are happy to announce that Thunderclese proposed to Feire (Pronounced Fire) in game in real life at the same time on October 27th, in the starting zone where they met. To celebrate with all their online friends and AIE, they are now planning two weddings to occur both in game and out of game for 2013!

The craft fair is coming up this weekend in World of Warcraft! What’s that mean? Well it means that this weekend all AIE members can attend to level their profession skills free of charge. It’s not too late to help out though, and the craft fair can use your donations during this final push toward the event! If you would like to donate check the thread in the AIE Azeroth forums titled ‘Desperate needs for the craft fair’. And if you would like to make sure that you will get to the level you need to during the event, starting this year, the organizers have created a signup sheet.

Along with the Craft Faire, there is a COOP Run on Sunday evening in WoW, ra! After you’ve gotten all your skills up to 525, join the fray and show the Alliance who is boss! Priority will be given to level 90s, but if there is room they’ll be happy to include you!

And finally in craft fair news, the prizes in this year’s raffle are amazing! Not only are there mounts, such as the Vial of the Sands and the new Jewelcrafting mounts, but there are also tons of other amazing prizes! If you want to enter send Seriewa 100 gold with the subject line of ‘raffle’. Also make sure that if your name includes any unusual characters to send the alt codes for them, or you might just find yourself refunded. Tickets will be on sale until this Friday! And remember it can take up to an hour for mail to send, so don’t wait until the last minute.

In case you missed it, the notes from the last AIE Town Hall have been posted in the forums. This is a great summation of everything that has gone on over the past few months, in all the games and things that AIE is involved in.

We’re sure the fine folks talking about Guild Wars 2 today will be bringing this up, but there is a free trial with refer-a-friend coming soon! We’ll let Lanius fill us in later in the show on the details of such.

A gentle reminder about guild chat. The officers do their best to keep it a safe and fun place for everyone, but please let the officers handle any infractions.  If someone makes a mistake in guildchat and 40 people jump all over them in guildchat, or worse, in whispers, that’s not a pleasant place to be. Officers will deal with things, it will get resolved, give it a little time and do not take matters into your own hands. If you see something that you think crossed the line and no officer appears to be around, please screenshot and send to

And now, time for a givaway! This week we are giving away our amazing new AIE Ballcap. This is the white one I acquired from DragonCon this year. To win it, send an email to with the subject line of ballcap and tell me what this object is. (Watch the video)

And with that, let’s invite Lanius to join us to talk about Guild Wars 2…


Guild Population: 447/500

Taking apps during the first week of each month

Shadow of the Mad King event, aka Halloween

There was four phases to the event, and different events and dungeons etc would unlock as the event progressed

Phase three was when the Mad King showed up. Number events happened, from the Ascent into Madness dungeon (youtube) which looked amazing. The end result was to defeat the Mad King, it was a good back and forth between fighting the Mad King and “trash” mobs.
On a more relaxed note there was playing Mad King Says which played out like Simon Says, except your health drops to almost dead and you get knocked down if you make a mistake. My reward for doing that was a witch’s hat.  I should mention there is two kinds of armor in Guild Wars. There is clothes you can where in cities when you aren’t in combat and armor when you are. So you have have a completely different outfit while just in cities doing crafting etc.

Special Skins for Weapons and Armor

Costume Brawl: Think of this as a massive food fight and friendly pvp in Lion’s Arch (main city)

a few ways to be a part of it: spawn points for pumpkins that you throw, normal size cauldrons that let you transform into different creatures: Spiders, Skeletons, Pigs, Candy Corn Elementals, or the Mad King costume which was bought with real money aka Gems in game.

Another way which was the most fun for me was to do a minor jumping puzzle and jump into a huge cauldron. While in it, the cauldron would throw you about and transform you in one of the customs I mentioned and thrown you out. If you were lucky you’d bounce of the size of the cauldron and keep on transforming.

So once transformed your 1 through 5 ability bar would change to special attacks that would be more or less unique to the costume you had on. Some like the spider would only have a couple of abilities while the Skeleton would have four.

During prime time hours there would be this massive melee of people in costume trying to hit other players while not getting hit themselves. the rewards were achievements that went towards unlocking the title.

And if that wasn’t enought there is new content already announced:
If you’ve created a Guild Wars 2(GW2) account before November 6, you can invite up to three friends to join you for free, from November 15 through November 18.
As it happens, November 16 through November 18 is also the weekend of “The Lost Shores” special event.
Lost Shores: One time massive world event Nov 16-18, no other details have been made available.

Growing Pains in the MMO: WvWvW and server changing
Getting people into Vent and the Forums.
Friday Night Leveling Group is going strong
Looking for members to run events, don’t have to wait for an officer. Ask an officer you have questions.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanius  for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to Rift!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
Overly Dramatic News
Ask Miss Mulgra
Alludra’s Pets

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