Congratulations to Najara/SereneFury, Guildie of the Moment!

We have a New Guildie of the Moment Najara aka SereneFury!! Another awesome guildie that makes AIE stand apart from other guilds, members had these great things to say about her:

  • Ready to help at at the drop of hat.
  • Funny and respectful of other guildies.
  • A great guildie, really active on the forums, twitter, and too!

So three cheers for Najara!

Do you know someone who you feel has been a great example in representing the ideals of AIE and feel they deserve recognition. If you do, please send an email to the officers with the subject line GoTM nomination also include in your email the reason why you feel they should be recognized. If it is determined that there is sufficient support to honor this person you just might see them as a future GoTM.

*Please note: reasons like Darkanders is hot or Mathanugg likes ponies are not sufficient reason to be nominated.

You can congratulate Najara personally on the forums!