AIE Podcast Ep 121 — The Secret is Chainsaws

We have a New Guildie of the Moment: Najara aka SereneFury!! Members had these great things to say:

  • Ready to help at at the drop of hat.
  • Funny and respectful of other guildies.
  • A great guildie, really active in too!

So three cheers for Najara! And if you know someone who makes the AIE gaming community just a bit of a happier place, send your officers a note at

Halloween events have seemed to start to spin up in a variety of games. It looks like, from a few forum posts thus far, we have Secret World, SW:TOR, and World of Warcraft firing up. We’re just going to bet that there will be celebrations across the game universe! (well, except maybe EVE? 😉 )

Someone, perhaps after Alludra’s Heart, has proposed it might be a fun idea to have an AIE Pet Battle Tournament! Check out the forums and give your input to shape the event!

Fall Craft Faire dates are looming closer and the forums are buzzing about it! Nov 10th and 11th are just around the corner, and there are a variety of posts pointing to goings on, including the upcoming raffle! One of the prizes is a jeweled onyx panther mount!

A friendly reminder for all the new people joining AIE due to all the new games and expansions hitting lately, pleeeease do not share the vent password with non-AIE folks. This is a free resource for all guildies to use, but we have to make sure the password is not shared out on public forums. Check UMAMI for the updated passwords when they change.

Remember guys, we have an AIE town hall meeting coming up on the 26th of October! This is your chance to find out what the AIE gaming community is up to in various games, and other fun stuff; like what the officers have been doing and what we are planning for the future!

RIFT’s 1.10 patch has been released! This pre-expansion patch revamped a lot of game play, including doing away with factions (well except for PVP!) so now Guardian races can join AIE! But that’s not all the patch has done, there are changes made to classes, professions, questing, zones – heck, you name it! Players who have let their accounts lapse can play for a free weekend coming up in November, so come and check it out!!

Also, the officers of AIE RIFT are starting up some new events! Weeklies on Wednesday nights and Raiding Hammerknell Fortress on Mondays (with allies). The fun starts on both nights at 7pm server(PDT)

And with that, let’s welcome Mantis/Grimbane(doesn’t matter) and Sindrake…


Tons of changes and additions to the game since last time we were on.  There have been 3 content updates including new missions and game mechanics.  Character creation has been expanded with a ton of new hair and face options, and there is a barber and plastic surgeon available in game to change your appearance for a price.  Lairs have also been revamped, more on that later.

Address concerns about poor sales/sub numbers.  Competition, TSW’s “poor first impression” (takes longer than it should to get into the lore and story, initially seems like it’s “just like WoW”).  Planned updates to the starting experience to help new players understand how the game works.  Talk about the recent news about loss of jobs at funcom but also bring up the fact that they are “now profitable” as well as beginning to hire members back.

Upcoming content.
Grim: New York raid coming up in Issue 4, which promises to take TSW’s awesome dungeon design to the next level, with an emphasis on story, atmosphere, minimal trash and epic, engaging boss fights…fighting massive monsters and Lovecraftian horrors in the wreckage of the the streets of New York.  Also coming in Issue 4 is reticule targeting, something a lot of players have been asking for since beta.  A shift toward more action oriented combat, though it is an optional feature.

Further into the future, the first new major zone update will be based in Tokyo.  The zone is set in a walled off section of the city that is overrun with supernatural horrors as the Orochi Corporation unsuccessfully tries to fend them off.  There will be a graveyard here, populated by creatures from Japanese folklore and urban legends.  Some descriptions maybe a bit graphic/disturbing for the show.

Continued commitment to monthly content updates.  Important to note that new missions not just random stuff thrown out there but actually expand lore/story in a significant way.  These are meaty missions…one of these missions could contain as much content as an entire “quest hub” in some games.  Funcom (paraphrase): “You guys are paying us a monthly fee, so we owe you something in return, each and every month.”

Weekly Guild Events
Dungeon Nights are still going strong. Last few Dungeon Mondays we have often had enough online for twoish 5 man groups. Our main dungeon group is up to Elites now which are basically like heroics in WoW, but we are always happy to run early content with new members.
(already talked about lairs we can skip it)
We have a Lair group that runs on Wednesday night as well.  Lairs have been redesigned as an alternate method for more casual players to gear up for high end content like raids.  Each lair has missions associate with it that rewards “ritual fragments” which, when combined, summon a powerful lair boss which is guaranteed to drop a few pieces of blue level equipment and regional boss fragments which can be used to summon an even more powerful boss.

Halloween event started today.  3 new missions, lots of clothing rewards and achievements, etc.

3 Day trial is still a thing.

The Secret World is now available on Steam for $29.99, regular price.

Grimbane – Steam key giveaway?  Update as necessary.


G: And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Mantus and Sindrake for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to the gang from EVE online

A: Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…

  • Mod Minute
  • Ask Miss Mulgra
  • Overly Dramatic News
  • MegaMinute
  • Alludra’s Pets

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