AIE Podcast Ep 119 — Medificated Pandadins are Adordable!

We’ve got pandas, multiple game updates, pandas, meetups, pandas and we talk to Lanctharus and Syreyne about AIE WoW and pandas. All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Pandacast..



Broadcasting from beautiful Northern California, this is Ghomus. (Ghomus catchphrase) Joining me from only a quarter of the state away is Alludra. (Alludra greetings). And coming at us from the deep South out in Central Alabama, is Acuzod. (AcuZod greeting)

[Host welcome and chitchat]

We’ve got a great show today, with special guests Lanctharus and Syreyne here to talk about the Mists of Panderia expansion, the Fall Craft Fair, and everything else happening in AIE WoW, but first, the news…



Unfortunately have some sad news, Vandilclaw, otherwise known as Pandaguy, has passed away. Muagramar will be organizing a memorial celebration of the life of Vandiclaw will be held on October 13th with details about this event are on the forums.

Congrats to Archleon of AIE TOR for the newest addition to his family, Myles Daniel Quinn! Our newest little guildie was born on 9/26/12 and both mom and baby are doing just fine! If you would like to give your well wishes head on over to the forum thread in the community section titled Newest little guildie!

Congrats to Melyanna and Peach on their recent wedding! Iceflow got some great pictures on the scene which are available on the forums for the entire guild to view! We wish you both many years of happiness!

Newest Guildie of the moment Bauxite! A shining example of what makes AIE special members had these great things to say about him:

  • Always willing to help and makes gold off the AH like a mad man. Found him last night helping a new 85 get some gear and achievements from the older instances he way out gears.
  • He is a patient and good voice of reason in a raid.
  • Baux is an awesome guy!

And remember, if you see someone who is a shining example of what makes the AIE guild so special please let your officers know! You can congratulate Bauxite personally on the forums!

In the Philly area? Looks like a few folks are trying to organize a meetup! Thus far the idea of AIE-Cheesesteak has been bandied about (man, Cheesesteaks in Philly? Who would have thought?), but give your input on the forums!

The secret world has a new chapter out!  Issue #3 the cat god was quietly announced on the secret world forums for a September 26th release. That’s right! Other games are updating too!

Speaking of game updates Rift’s first expansion, Storm Legion, has a Closed beta starting Friday 10/5. Guys, remember, this is a closed Beta and is under NDA, so please don’t post stuff in our forums, use Trion’s CLOSED beta forums only

Also this Friday, October 5th,  the Rift Community team will be doing a live stream to reveal the newest addition to the Rogue soul, the Tactician.

World of warcraft has announced changes to reputation grinds! That’s right they are becoming less grindy for alts. Once one of your characters earns revered status, the rest of your characters will earn rep at twice the rate! Plus changes to the grind from revered to exalted are also in the works! Discussion about these changes can be found in the world of warcraft official forums.

For SWTOR News, here’s an update from the SWTOR crew.[play submission]

Big thanks to the SWTOR officers for sending that in. And with that, let’s talk to our guests, Lancthaus and Syreyne.


Lanctharus and a few members of the guild (ahem, Alludra) had the opportunity to be at the launch event for MOP ON THE 25th.  We had lots of people hanging out and quaffing a few beers.  Even Randy, SJ and little Will Jordan were able to join us.

Ok before I go any further.  Female Pandarens are just freakishly adorable.
(alludra- heck yeah!!)

Being Fearless.
An essay by Lanctharus


  • The importance of being fearless
    • World of Warcraft and MMOs are social games that reward interactions with your fellow players
    • If you are timid and shy people will have the tendency to look you over
    • Hello I am Lanctharus!  How the Hell are you!  Make an effort to get to know people, get involved in an event or better yet create your own.
    • The Vandilclaw connection.  I first meet Vadil when we ran Karazahn with the original Drunk with Power back in Burning Crusade.
  • You get what you put in
  • Dare to make your own fun
  • Humans learn by failing.  Don’t be afraid to fail
    • Sometimes things go a little pear shaped and that is ok.
    • Trial and error should be embraced
    • Remember it is all about the journey and adventure.  Not loot!

The Pondera co-guild has exploded and now boasts a population of over 500+ characters!

The continued growth of AIE is all thanks to you the membership, the hard work of the WoW officer corps, the AIE podcast and Scott Johnson who continues to let the world know what a great place AIE is by promoting us on The Instance podcast and The Morning Stream.  Two shows that our members should tune in and listen.

With the new expansion expect to see a lot of new names and faces in guild chat and Vent.  Be a good citizen and remember to share your knowledge with the new membership.  Remember we were all noobs once and help make the AIE experience a positive on for all members involved.

Remember that we are going back to removing characters who have been inactive for three months and longer starting in the later half to October.  We need to do this in order to keep the guild as streamlined as possible due to the ever present guild caps numbers.  Speaking of which here is our latest statistics.  Thanks to Tetsemi for aggregating the numbers.

Total Guild Population: 9,357

As a side note I wanted to inform the folks listening that we had almost 500 new characters join the guild in WoW.  Yes you heard that right.  You want to know what is scary though?  The got this many new characters BEFORE the guild opened its doors to new recruits in October.

Lanctharus is eating crow.  After initially complaining about Pet Battles in WoW he has been inextricably obsessed with battling.  He is determined to make Egbert (the most spastic pet in Warcraft), Lil XT and the Spirit of Competition the greatest battling team in all of Azeroth! (In reality he is getting his but kicked by Spring Rabbits and Mechanical Squirrels atm).

Oh and as always, make sure you read the forums!  The very future of Azeroth and AIE may depend on it.

Guild Event(s) – Syreyne

Do you know what massive guild event is coming up??  (And I’m not referring to Brewfest or Hallow’s End.)  I’m talking about the Fall Craft Faire.  Unless you’re new to the guild or you’re been living under a rock, you should know that the dates for the Fall Craft Faire have been announced.  Saturday and Sunday, November 10 and 11.

“But, Sy, I just joined AIE this week.  What is a Craft Faire?”  Well, the Craft Faire is a guild wide event that happens twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall.  Members of the guild donate extra crafting materials for each profession throughout the year.  Each profession has a Captain with one (or more) bank alts to hold these materials.  Then, during the Faire, any member in aie can meet up with us in Silvermoon City and we’ll give you the materials to help you level your professions.  Yep.  That’s right.  We GIVE you the materials…If you’re character level is high enough, we can (and have) level people from 1-525 in their profession.

And the event has grown so huge since we first started doing it, that it now takes 2 days to hold it, 3 hours each day…This event is ran completely by volunteers from the guild and takes 2 months of planning to put together.

Now that you know what the Craft Faire is, let me tell you what’s new and different this time around.

  • First, and this is important, we are only helping people level from 1-525.  We are NOT doing any leveling for the new expansion.  We ARE taking donations of materials though, as we will have 525-600 leveling available during the Spring Craft Faire.
  • Second, we have a lot of new faces for Captains so please make sure you check the list of who to send your mats to.
  • Third, because this event is so big and we have tons of new pandas joining the guild every day, we are asking people to pre-register for the Craft Faire.  Right now, we are not making this a requirement, but we are giving priority to those that have registered.  Salem has stepped up and made a great form for you to use to sign up.

Ok, so now you know what the Craft Faire is and how it works.  But, say you want to level Herbalism or Skinning….Well, we can help.  Every Sunday, from 2pm to 4pm server time, starting this weekend (Oct 7th), Tynchal and other captains are hosting Gathering Raid Parties.  Basically, a bunch of high level toons runs you around, shooting, stabbing, and looting for you, so all you have to do is herb, mine, and skin your way through the zones and gain skill ups as you go.  All the materials gathered get donated back to the Craft Faire.  Tynchal has a great write up on the forums on how it works.  He is also giving away free profession bags to members on their first trip out.

Yes, there will be a raffle.  Details will be out soon.  Last Spring, we gave away 7 mounts, including 3 Vials of the Sands.

Yes, there will be a guild wide party on Nov 10th, after the Faire.  Details will be out soon for that too.

And a little birdy told me, we MIGHT have a COOP run….

So, Keep your eyes and ears open, and always remember this:  The forums are your friend!!!!


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lancthaus and Syreyne for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to AIE Swtor

Stay tuned, as we’ve got a full ride of great AIE members segments coming right up, including…
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– ModMinute
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