A celebration of the life and memory of Vandilclaw (Pandaguy) 10-13-12 2pm EST

From an original post from the forums:

When MoP was announced, he was the first person that I thought about…after my OMGPandas! dancing fit when I read about the expansion. At least he got a little time with the expansion before it was his time.

Another thing I knew Jon for was balloons. When I saw him at various furry conventions, he always arranged for a tank of helium, and he handed out balloons to people. The most he ever charged for them was a hug.

So I have an idea for a gathering to remember him–something to honor his life and loves.

In Org, there’s an Orc child named Jaga between the Tauren section and alchemy trainer. At level 10, he makes available a quest called “Blown Away,” wherein you collect several lost balloons, and he gives you a red balloon pet. If you don’t already have it, the link for Wowhead is here: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=29401 Conveniently enough, if you roll a Pandaren, you arrive at level 10-12, so you can still get the ballon if you don’t already have it….or if you don’t have a Pandaren.

On Saturday, October 13 at 2pm EST, I’d like to organize a march of Pandaren, each holding a red balloon. I’ll have a warlock present with a summoning gate, to get people to Razor Hill. We’ll muster at Razor Hill, walk north through the canyon, through the blockade, into Org. In Org, we’ll march through the Valley of Strength into the Valley of Honor, where we’ll gather near Ji Firepaw’s giant red hot air balloon. Anyone who wants to speak will be welcome to share stories or memories. To cut down on trade/general chat shenanigans, I’ll also have a chat channel set up for those of us who want to leave general or trade, and focus on the event.

The event’s open to anyone, Pandaren or not…though tons of pandas with balloons would be completely awesome.