AIEx Chronicle 1

Welcome to the Alea Iacta EstAIEx Skill Challenge Event Xiphos Chronicle. Each week, you will be regaled of our continuing adventures and news of AIE in Guild Wars 2.

14 September 2012, Guild Update

Two weeks after launch marks some milestones for AIEx:

  • UMAMI integration
  • Maximum guild license of 500 was purchased, and over 400 members have been invited
  • Guild Stash deposits active once more. Funds at just over 1g
  • Earned influence from members have unlocked:
    • Guild Armorer Contract
    • Guild Workshop
    • Guild Stash
    • Guild Weapons Contract
    • Guild Emblem Template
    • Guild Level 3 in Architecture, and Art of War (building to 4 now in both)
    • Guild Level 4 in Politics and Economy
  • Achieved Domain status of the G.E.R.P
  • Digital game sales are available once more

Activity and contribution of both coin and effort from AIEx members to achieve what we have in the last two weeks has been awesome. A hearty thank you to all!

Account Security

ArenaNet publishes game status updates on their official wiki.  Please note the recent updates pertaining to your  account security and a recommended article containing tips on keeping your account secure. Do not reuse passwords from other games or web forums with any account, including your AIE UMAMI account. Be cautious when setting account names and passwords. Hackers maintain lists of these account names, email addresses, and password combinations they have obtained over time, and any new game is heavily tested against this list.


We are maintaining an open recruitment policy for the remainder of September. Afterward we will adopt the first week of each month as the application period for people new to the AIE gaming community. Application for members from other established AIE Domain or Settlement games remain open at all times.

Yes, we are already discussing the logistics for growing into another guild should we reach the 500 person limit before the end of September.

Apply for Guild Wars 2 on Your UMAMI Account

Please visit to apply for Guild Wars 2 on your UMAMI account if you have not yet done so. New to UMAMI? Please visit the same website and chose “Need an account?” to create your account and put in an application for the Guild Wars 2 game.

You will need to do this even if you have registered during head-start and the first week of launch with the Google Docs application.

After 31 September 2012 we will reconcile the current guild roster with players registered in UMAMI, and may begin removing unregistered individuals. We will announce our plans at least a week in advance of any membership purge.


We have already had multiple events organized by members of AIE. Thank you for all the effort and participating in these events to make them great!

For Alea Iacta Est! For Tyria!