AIE Podcast Ep 118 — Too many games, not enough time

More expansions on the horizon, several meetups, and we flood Ghomus with games!  All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…

Note: Alludra couldn’t make it this evening due to an ongoing investigation from D-E-H-T-A concerning overcrowding in her pet stables.


We would like to announce a new Guildie of the moment, Bôon. This member not only gives away hard earned justice points, by way of free shoes, but finds other ways to go out of his way to help guildies. Send your congrats to Bôon in game or on the forums.
He also has a character named zod! Be aware that the zod you may be talking to may be Boon in disguise!

Nerdtacular 2012 DVDs are now available! Get em while they’re hot! Now we’ll see if the money Ghomus tried to bribe Scott with the get rid of a certain section of the costume contest will prove to be sufficient!

AIE Steam: Borderlands 2 has launched! Actually it launched at midnight Monday night, and Beefmaster was really drumming up the hype machine to try and make this an active part of the AIE Steam library!

The battle for theramore scenario has launched to…somewhat mixed reviews. Scenarios are a new feature in world of warcraft, and don’t require a tank or healer to complete! So you can jump in and finish with any team of 3 and be done quickly!

Salem decided to bust out the fat beats and host a AIE Dance Party the other night in Garrosh’s throne room! He’d like to do one more of these before the expansion hits, so they’re planning on one next Sunday, check the forums for details!

Meetups! The AIE website is going crazy with new meetups! Are you in the phoenix arizona area? There is a raid on chompies on the 22nd. Michigan area AIE members are meeting up at the renaissance faire on the 23rd and the southern california residents are heading to the irvine spectrum mall on the 24th! Want to plan a meetup? Head on over to the website!

AIE Ladies night is happening on sunday the 23rd at 8:30 pm server time. Samantha Jane head guild hugger and all around awesome person would like for the ladies of AIE to meet in vent for general hanging out, getting to know each other and other general shenanigans! RSVP on the forums, or just join in the general fun!

Message from Syrene:
It’s official.  We are having a Fall Craft Faire.  That’s right.  Plans are currently underway to organize the Fall Craft Faire.  With all the new pandas coming with MoP, we are gonna need more help than ever.  If you have any interest in helping out the Faire, either by working it or gathering mats or anything, we are having our first major meeting Friday, Sept 21 at 9pm server in vent.  Anyone in AIE is welcome to attend.  If you have any questions, please contact Syreyne at

SWTOR: another server merge, and you get 12 character slots now.  But with a merge comes some name conflicts, like last time, so log in and check your names.

and with that, let’s talk to our guests, Stigg and Ralff!


Right now–AIE has never been more active!

State of the AIE Community

  1. Website & wiki
  2. TSW
  3. GW2
  4. Steam
  5. EVE
  6. WoW
  7. Rift

The AIE Council has some stuff in the works that is not quite ready to be announced.
(Ralff pulls three Johnsons)


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Ralff and Stigg for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to some crazy people from AIE RIFT.

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Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
– Overly Dramatic News (with special guest reporter Thraxxis)
– Ask Miss Mulgra
– Epic Achievements
– MegaMinute
– Mysteries of pandaria – Death By COCONUT
– ModMinute
– Alludra’s Pets

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Shout out to Corley for this episode’s title.