AIE Podcast Ep 116

Try the Secret World for free, Pondera’s gone to plaid, and we talk Ponies and WoW with Lanctharus and Tetsemi!  All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the AIE Podcast…

— Zod’s update on DragonCon


We have a new guildie of the moment! Let’s all give a big congrats to Ael Botlehewer! One of EvE’s finest, he has had nothing but good things said about him! For example..

  • This member has been very engaged since he joined the corp and has a great focus on getting people involved in corp-wide activities.
  • He is a man with limited time and always willing to help! This man deserves all the praise we can give him.
  • Have you seen the pretty, pretty desktop wallpapers he’s made?

Head on over to the forums, or fly your own spreadsheet to give this member a big congratulations!

The Secret World is now offering free three day trials! If you have been curious about Funcom’s newest MMO but hesitant about shelling out for another game, you can now get a short weekend trial! Head on over to the website and sign up to check it out! And if you’re looking for people to play with, Black-Francis is organizing Secret World Dungeon Night! on Mondays at 8pm server time.  It’s a chance to be able to take on some of the dungeons you haven’t seen with a nice group of folks!

We have another officer Cornered! But ya know, in the nice way! Ask Syrene whatever you dare, and hope she dares to answer it! (Well you know, within reason!)  The thread is in the community section of the forums!

Pondera update! You remember how Salus got weekly updates and how we discussed it’s growth and marveled about how fast it went? Thanks to the last patch XP caps are a thing of the past and Pondera is already level 22! This is only with 265 members! Thanks Blizz for the boost! It was level 6 last Tuesday.

City of heroes is done. Though AIE never officially branched out into the city of heroes/city of villains landscape, it’s still sad to see an MMO shut down its servers. We hope the fine folks at Paragon land on their feet!

Random shoutout to Gallibond: Keep going! You can do it!

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guest Tetsemi and Lanctharus


Tis you friendly neighborhood brony guild master Lanctharus here to illuminate all that is going on in Warcraft. (Big thanks for Tetsemi for jumping in at the last moment to cover for a late Lanctharus)

First things first!  We wanted to remind folks that if they have been taking a vacation from World of Warcraft and will be returning soon you better log in soon!  Players who have been AFK longer than 5 months will be removed from their guild’s starting the end of September.  After that starting a month later we will be going back to removing players who have been inactive longer than 3 months.

The old paid app Auction House Remote is now available for GRATIS!  Buy and sell your stuff in the Auction House remotely and it even lets you participate in your co-guild’s gchat.  Sorry there is no support for greenwall if you use this app so you will only be able to read and participate in only one co-guild’s gchat.

In case you didn’t notice or you don’t read the forums (hint, hint).  We have two new WoW guild officers Dejara and Atriana.  Congratulations you two and may you two be able to do something that some of us don’t get to do so much.  Actually play Warcraft.

Which brings us to the big shiny new patch.  So many new changes to spells, abilities as well as a new talent build system.  I logged the night after the new patch and I could barely recognized how everything worked.  Then I realize that I need to learn how to play all my 10 characters. ><  So much reading and research to do.  If you are like me and you feel a little overwhelmed with all the changes I recommend reading over the class/talent guides on sites such as MMO Champion, WoW Insider or  Greenwall update!

AIE WoW co-guild stats are here in the wiki


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank [guests] for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE Guild wars 2!

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Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
– Mysteries of Panderia
– Mod Minute
– Overly Dramatic News
– MegaMinute
– Ask Miss Mulgra
– Hunter Talk

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