AIE Podcast Ep 115

AIE Podcast Episode 115 “Dude Where’s My Wormhole?”

The WoW mega-patch has arrived, DragonCon hits next week, and we talk universe domination and wormholes with Hoots and Senile from AIE EVE. All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the A-I-E Podcast…

Podcasting live from beautiful Central Alabama, This… is Acuzod. Joining me this week from the sunny skies of Southern California, the Amazing Alludra!  (Ghomus could not be with us tonight. Poor guys is stuck at work.)


Xanar joins the AIE council! You may know her as a super cool hunter but did you also know that’s she’s the brains behind the AIE logos? Well in her new council position she gets the official title of ‘ head of AIE Branding’! Wish her congrats on becoming part of AIE’s governing body in the forums!

World of Warcraft has it’s mega patch today! That’s right 5.0 has dropped! What’s that mean? Well it means the new talent build system, new account wide achievements, account wide pets and a whooooole lotta downtime. For patching info, and a handy survival guide check out the blizzard site or see the shownotes.

Guild Wars 2 has launched and we have picked a home server! For all you guys looking to find AIE in game, head to the server ‘dragonbrand’ to join in on the fun! If you would like help Durus the settlement leader and the AIE quest to get started, head on over to the shiny new AIE Guild Wars 2 section of the forums.

A new Officer has joined the Secret World Crew! MoJagFan (also known as Tyrannie) has been a huge help in getting the AIE segment of the Secret World going, and Sindrake recently promoted them up to be part of the madness of settlement officers. Send your congrats and condolences along!

The Steam community page is now in open beta! If you signed up for the Steam beta, go ahead and go check it out! We have heard it’s full of cool and interesting stuff, and worth a good look.

AIE TOR pug night! September 4th starting between 7-8 server time! If you want to join say something in g chat or let forum member Jijitsu know on the forums! The event is planned to be a nice romp through flashpoints for members who are having a hard time finding a good paced group who want to have fun and ignore the spacebar.

DragonCon! It’s finally here. DragonCon is this weekend in Atlanta.  AIE Meetup 6pm Saturday

And with that, let’s welcome our guest, Hoots and Lord Senile ..


(We talk universe domination and the terrors of wormholes with Hoots and Senile)

And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Hoots and Senile for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking with our World of Warcraft team about all the new changes!

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