AIE Podcast Ep 111

It’s time for the great WoW Pre-Panda Purplastic Purge, the Summer of Love is in full swing, and we get Steamed with Beefmaster and Wynne! All that and much more coming up right now. THIS is the AIE Podcast…


Shrimpiclease and his wife Missesclease announced on the forums that their son Krilliclease (Better known as Oliver) was born on July 27th. If you would like to congratulate the couple on their new addition head on over to the forum post titled by the hashtag ‘#Krillicleasehascome

We have a release date! September 25th has been announced as the release date of the new WoW expansion, Mists of Pandarama! Pre-orders now available and for the first time ever there is a digital deluxe option which will get you the pet, the mount, and some nifty things for diablo 3 and starcraft!

AIE World of Warcraft would like to remind everyone that all toons that are inactive for 3 or more months will be purged out of the guild at the end of August. We took a break from g-kicks over the summer, but with MoP on the way we have to make room for all our new panda friends! Staying in the guild is quick and easy, just log into all of your guilded toons!

SWTOR has two new officers! Word has reached us from the high council and Emperor Pell-petine himself that we are all to extend a warm welcome to Cakku and Sema! Head on over to the forums and the announcement Two New SWTOR AIE Officers on Deck for your chance to offer congrats!

SWTOR has also announced what features will be available to members when it goes free to play this fall. Head on over to the website to see what they are offering to players without a subscription. More information about the change, including the release date and what ‘limitied access’ actually entails will be coming to soon!

Summer of love is in full swing. Visit the forums to find out what your favorite AIE branch is doing this week to celebrate! Events include running of the beef, various coop runs and remembrance day.

AIE member Allheals is compiling an ongoing thread about the various cooking, fishing, and pebble dailies of World of Warcraft. You can check the today’s cooking/fishing/pebble dailies thread in case you are looking for that final elusive quest.

Only 30 days until DragonCon. We’re currently planning to hold our guild meetup in the game room at the bottom of the Hilton, and probably just hang out there throughout the event. We’ll be at the MMO Party on Saturday night, and we’ll be leading a panel on Extreme Guild Management on Sunday night. See the DragonCon website for more information on all of these event, as well as the website. Hope to see you there.

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guests Beefmaster and Wynne (WIN)…


Steamy Summer Nights:
1. Growth of the AIE Steam group and TF2 in the last 2 months
a. added 150 members to milestone 750 members
b. Team Fortress 2sdays.
2. introduce a monthly rotating game night:
Tribes:Ascend, LFD2, MW3, Dungeon Defenders?etc. working on details of how to implement due to grouping limitations. IE hard to join as party and keep it but we’ll figure it out.
3. Aspects of the Steam social structure:
a. friends list and chat
b. great way to chat live outside of any single game in the aie arena. Yes I will be your friend.
4. noob guide to starting TF2

5. Dedee’s guide to backstabbing with skill.

Things new players should focus on

Team work
Stick with the team to increase survival, even if it’s one other person
Talk to your team or learn the voice commands
Watch out things around you
Play to the objectives not to kill players

Classes summary
Nine classes
Support (never really want more then 2 of any one of these, especially
Snipe and spy. These )
Medic (both)
Sniper (Defence)
Spy (Assault)
Default load outs are the most well rounded and useful loadouts in most cases. While particular items may be better at situations.

Class focus
Most well rounded class, can do a bit of everything well but isn’t the
best at anything

Slow moving, high damage, high HP. Don’t “heavy snipe” if you can help it.
Offense and defence roles

Most useful support class, hang back and heal just behind the line of
battle until Uber is ready then move with the team. Heal priority: Medics,
burning players, damaged players, non-over healed players

Stress that it is an intermediate class that while learning to play you will
die a lot. You spend most of your time deep in the enemy controlled areas.

Alert levels: All clear, suspicious, hunting.

Traffic areas: High traffic vs low traffic

Look for distracted players, Heavy and Snipers.

Never disguise as scout, heavy, soldier, Medic.

Scout due to how obvious you’re a spy (a slow scout is a spy who wants to

Heavy and soldier due to how slow they are

Medic, people expect medics to be always healing someone, they are more
likely to check someone who isn’t.

Try to stay stealthed until you’re ready to go for a kill
Change disguises after doing a kill

Look for people that are weak, shoot them. only  two classes can see other
team’s health and you are one of them. Take advantage of it.

Look up Stabby and OMFGNinja on Youtube, Both are considered the best spies

Late breaking news!!

The running of the beef for AIE wow has been announced and the theme is Lanctharus! All participants are to make blood elf male paladins with long flowy shiny hair. But wait-there’s more! In keeping with the theme of our favorite brony-in-chief all toons should get a My little pony themed name to join the fun! Details about what the heck we are talking about, and how to get involved in the great brony herd can be found on the forums. Big thanks to Syrene for sending us this last minute update!

And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Beefmaster and Wynne for joining us, and our chat room for joining in on the fun! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE RIFT!

Quick mention! We have some great iTunes reviews! Must be the fact that we promised that Zod didn’t have to sign the authenticator! Thanks to Cybyl, Martin McKinzie, Rutherian, Bouvi, 3HB3, Faygoz, Grippa (Len), Duff Yoder, RattoZatto, and FSUTJ! (Whew!)

And based on a winning roll of a 1D10 by the beautiful Prankess, the winner of last week’s iTunes review contest, and the highly valued authenticator autographed by yours truly, is Grippa!, who unfortunately we talked into playing Eve again. Sorry about that! Grippa, send an email to and I’ll send you your authenticator. If you’d like a shout-out on the show and potentially fabulous prizes, leave us a five star review on iTunes and we’ll totally suck up to you too!

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
Overly Dramatic News
Southern Gaming
Mod Minute
Alludra’s Pets
Ask Miss Mulgra
Epic Achievements

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