AIE Podcast Ep 110

The radiant Syrene joins us for a chat, Takemikazuch assembles more fireworks than is safe, and the announcement of QUALITY AIE Swag! All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the NEW AIE Podcast…


We have a new guildie of the moment! That’s right everyone, give three cheers to Vanflicke! This nomination is unique because it comes from outside AIE. yes folks, you can do that!!

Vanflicke (80), guarded me (22) while I looted the trinket from Gurubashi.  Unbeknownst to him, I am one of the co-GMs of UP IN SMOKE on my main.  He represented your guild with excellence exemplary, and I would like to tell one of your officers of his actions.  He has raised my respect for him and his guild.  

Remember guys, it’s not only your behavior inside the guild that matters, but how you conduct yourself outside it too! And if you know anyone who should be nominated for GOTM please don’t hesitate in sending the officers an email!

In case you missed  the forums update, the new section of the forums is really hopping! The “Imperium Ludi” section is where people are hoping to get interest in an AIE Expansion plan for one game or another. So if you are curious about how AIE decides what games to branch out into or if you want to join in on the discussion of a new game’s likelihood of joining AIE head on over!

Tak’s Announcement :

“The Remembrance Day Fireworks Tribute is coming along nicely! Within the first week and a bit the materials coming in were outrageous, so outrageous I have had to stop accepting materials weeks early than the deadline I had posted. Within that time span, over 5300 fireworks have been crafted, which, divided up among a five an pyro team amounts to between 53 to 54 stacks of fireworks per team member, which is insane!

Tak would like to thank those who helped donate material for their time and effort, for it is you people that are helping make this happen! He’s still seeking volunteers to help him set these off on the evening of August 2nd during the in-game WoW memorial at 10pm server time. Two people have already submitted names and he’s looking for more! Meetings and rehearsal dates for the volunteers will be upcoming. Check out the thread “Request for Help: AIE Remembrance Day Fireworks Tribute” for more info!”

In Melbourne Austraila? Want to meet your fellow AIE’ers? Well AussieBlueMoon has the meetup for you! At least he hopes to. Right now he’s seeing how many AIE’ers are in the Melbourne area and are interested in getting together. Details can be found in his post AIE/Frogpants melbourne austraila meetup.

And speaking of meetups, the site has had several meetups posted this week! AIE’er s have been using the website to put up awesome meetups such as Charlotte, NC Dave & Buster’s, GenCon Indianapolis, and AIE SoCal MeetUp at Strategicon/Gateway 2012! The website will even send you an email when a new meetup pops up, so you don’t have to check it every day! If you haven’t signed up, please do so! You don’t want to miss out on a fun local event! Just head over to and do a search for Alea Iacta Est!

Bumpers, bumpers, and more bumpers! So as you probably have noticed, we like community generated content! We already HAVE a few of course, for like AIE News, Guildie Submissions, etc, but we’re always looking for more!  You can even simply record something like Abovan did like this <play bumper> just as a hey to the guild!


Hay y’all, Syreyne here.

Holy cow AIE, do I have some big announcements for you guys today.

First of all, we hit 8,000 toons over the weekend, between all the co-guilds.  And with that many people running around Azeroth, it still feels like one happy family.   And because of that, I have a challenge for you.  I want each of you to find at least 5 AIE members randomly in Azeroth, and emote salute or hug them, but not Members of your raid team or your close friends!  The more random it is, the better!

Speaking of hugging AIE’ers, next week is Summer of Love!  We’re still looking for volunteers to help out.  

1. Running of the Beef?   If so, we need someone to volunteer to organize it soon.

2. Remembrance Day is 10pm server time (EST) on Thursday, Aug 2nd.  We all meet at Crossroads, and walk in procession to the Shrine.  We’re asking that everyone attending to please remove your weapons.  Also, we’ll be meeting in vent at the same time.  Our SWTOR and Rift guys are joining us that night in vent too, along with meeting up in their respective games, so we’re asking that anyone not observing Remembrance with us, to please use a secondary voice chat for the evening.

3. Takemikazuch has over 5,000 fireworks and needs help shooting them off for the end of the Remembrance event.  Please contact him via the forums for more details.

4. Lanc and I are working with a few other guildies to have a BBQ and Fish Fry on Saturday, Aug 4th.  Lanc is helping everyone level fishing with some fun PvP action thrown in, while I’m going to be helping you level cooking skills.  

5. COOP…..that is all.

Saloos news:
As you all know, Salus is level 25 and earning achievements left and right.  But if you are still thinking Salus is the red-headed step child of AIE, well think again.  It has the second highest population of all the co-guilds, with over 850 members.  Big thanks to everyone that joined Salus and helped out.

Big Announcement #1:
As some of you know, we have temporarily suspended the purging of inactive members.  Well, coming up towards the end of summer, we will be going back to the 3 month inactive rule.  Which means, there will be a great inactive member purge.  If you don’t want to lose your guild rep, you might want to head back to Azeroth soon (TM).

Big Announcement #2:
So, several people have expressed various ways on the forums that they are a proud member of AIE in real life.  Well, guess what??  We are coming out with some awesome gear with our AIE logo on them that members will be able to purchase, and I happened to get a sneak peek!!  You’ll be able to wear your AIE polo shirt to your next office meeting or grab a ball cap and head out to the beach.  These items look pretty awesome, and I can’t wait until they’re ready!!

((FYI…..all above announcements were approved by Lanc.))


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Syreyne for joining us, and our chat room for adding some great commentary! Next week we’ll be talking to a suprise!!

If you guys remember we were supposed to have a contest today, well that was called off due to zero entries. (awww)

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…

Mod Minute
Alludra’s Pets
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Epic Achievements
Bouvi’s Southern Gaming
Ask Miss Mulgra

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