AIE Podcast Ep 109

It’s time for the Summer of Love, we have meetups and turf wars all over the place, and we talk about Spreaadsheeets in Spaaace… All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the AIE Podcast…


We have a new officer cornered, I mean, we have a new officer in the officer’s corner! Head on over to the forums to ask those burning questions to our very own amazing exploding Tuku! No question too hard, ask just about anything you want, today!

Holy cow FAN ART! We want to give a big shout out and thanks to Fen, who created an amazing drawing of our WoW characters. I don’t even know what to say, this is really really incredible.

Plans for DragonCon 2012 are shaping up! As usual, we will have an AIE meetup at the Loft Bar in the Marriott hotel, and this year we will also be conducting a panel on Guild Leadership, where we will show off some of the tools we use behind the scenes to manage AIE. If you’re going to be at DragonCon, we’d love to see you there. Make sure to check both the site and the forums for updates on this and other events going on at DragonCon this year.

One of our own is now involved in a turf war….with one of our own?! What is this guild coming to? You heard it on ODN, it must be true! Weigh in on the battle on the forums in the thread ‘addressing the rumors between myself and Alludra‘ started by Old man Franks. Alludra would like to go on record saying ‘I have an army and you don’t. Nyah!’

AIE raid on Chino Banditos is happening this Friday in Phoenix Arizona! If you happen to be in the area, consider dropping by at what is sure to be a memorable AIE meetup event! Details can be found in both the forums and in the website.

World of Warcraft has released a new recruit a friend mount! The new Obsidian nightwing mount, has officially taken the place of the X-53 touring Rocket as the recruit a friend reward. This new mount, instead of being a two seater or personal mount, transforms the owner into a black winged cat! Details about how to obtain the mount and images of it in action can be found on the world of warcraft website.

Pet battles are live on the beta! Now you can begin the testing on how best to train up your own personal army! The new in game system is a bit on the buggy side and is still new, but that’s what betas are for! Log in and check it out if you are interested in giving this system a run! (It’s really a lot of fun…when it is working!)

Rift is in its second week of the summer sun celebration! Log into your free Rift Lite account to check out the new content and fun event which includes all new dailies, quests, pets, and titles! Rift has also released a new tiger mount for the low low price of $15!

Steam summer sale! In case you didn’t know, steam is having it’s annual summer sale! The sale, with discounts as low as 75% off most titles, will be running through the 22nd! Steam itself is free, and has a host of free games available for all (including TF2), but right now is a great time to score that title you have been eyeing but could never quite afford.

Summer of Love Currently the AIE guilds of World of Warcraft and StarWars The Old Republic  are planning Summer of love events on July 29th through August 4th. Check out their respective forum posts for more details about the in game events planned for the celebration. Tak who is lending a hand with the fireworks this year is also looking for volunteers and donations to make our remembrance day spectacular, if you would like to help, check out his forum post Request for help: AIE remembrance day fireworks tribute.

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guests Louis from AIEU and Lanctharus from Taxil Transtellar.


  • AIEU Happenings
    • Welcome new blood!  Lots of new people now,  so many I don’t even know who is who anymore.

  • Delve War update
    • SoCo folded like a cheap suit
    • TEST and AIEU are taking over about 33% of the game map
    • Current tally as of this morning
      • 878.76 Billion killed, or about $26,345.22
      • 190.2 billion lost, or $5,702.20
    • Have no fear, reimbursements are here
      • Flying the right ships in the right fleets with the right fits gets you paid!
  • Things to do that aren’t PVP

    • Industry – “we built something great”
      • Research
      • Construction
      • Mining

Taxillus Transtellar

  • How I survived low/null sec.  A diatribe from a space nooblet
    • Welcome to EVE Online the game within a game within a game within a game
    • Lanctharus Onzo looks like Morrissey and Bruce Campbell bumped uglies
    • First things first.  Learning to actively ignore stuff
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  How not to care that you sound like an idiot
    • Listen to the older players and all the jargon
    • The beautiful thing that is Pyfa and EVEmon
    • It’s like being back in college.  Doing your research on the kind of ship you want to fly and the kind of weapons you want to use
    • Read everything!  How to figure out missions and avoid getting scammed
    • The fun of asset reallocation through low sec
    • Their coming for you Barbara.  Yes everyone is out to get you.  Even that little old lady playing the game
  • This wandering band of space gypsies have moved again
    • Our neighbors learned our names and we don’t like it when they invite themselves to our parties.  They always want to double dip the chips.
    • We blame TEST Alliance because all these refugees came trouncing on our party.  Like ants to a picnic!
  • When in Roam you get to blow up a lot of people
    • We have had a few really large roams.  Nothing like seeing a hungry pack of rabid squirrels terrorizing the space lanes
    • We are responsible for over $400 million ISK in property damage
      • Lanctharus is wanted for property damage and crimes against the Gallente people
    • It all in the mix.  Fleet ship mix and dynamics
    • We are supposedly working on a propaganda campaign.  I am all for turning Tuku into our mascot.  A cute snaggle toothed kitten.  So soft, so cuddly.  The only problem?  This kitten has a flamethrower strapped to his head.
  • One mans space junk/explosion is another corps steady stream of revenue
    • OMG being a vulture can be fun
    • Tapping into your inner Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly reference see what I did)
  • News on the stealth bomber fleet
    • Pew Pew ships are coming in droves
    • I have to wait 15 more days.  QQ
  • Space Communism is best Communism
    • Helping out the new folks financially
    • Mission profit sharing and you
    • If you want a 21 day free trial hit us up and we can hook you up


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank [Guests] for joining us!
Next week we’ll be talking to those wonderful World of Warcraft folks.

Quick mention! We are having a contest in our iTunes reviews! What’s that? You didn’t know? That’s because we are just telling you! We’re looking for the most entertaining, accurate and creative iTunes review? What’s the prize? A one-of-kind Blizzard Authenticator donated from  Nerdtacular and signed by AcuZod! (Don’t worry, you can wipe that off.)

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…
– Overly Dramatic News
– Epic Achievements
– Aie Ku
– MegaMinute
– Hunter talk…er..Flappy Talk?
– Ask miss mulgra
– Things I learned in EvE
– Southern Gaming

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