AIE Podcast Ep 98

Avenger Meetups abound, Rift gets a new patch, there’s another COOP run in the works, and we talk to the the Head Bronies of the WoW guild. All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the AIE Podcast.


There’s a new guildie of the moment! That’s right, everyone! A big congrats to Solarstorm of AIE Rift! Our guildies had a lot of great stuff to say about him this week including stuff like:

“Never gets upset over the small stuff.”

“Always willing to help people out with things, including gearing, mats, filling a spot if a dungeon or raid is a man short.”


“All around a great guy and I think a great representative of the community.”

Living in the Phoenix area and gearing up for the Avengers movie? Well on May 6th at the Temple marketplace there is going to be an AIE meetup just for the movie! Details like the time to attend are still up in the air, but see the thread, Phoenix area avengers meetup in the community section of the forums.

Speaking of the Avengers, other groups are orginizing their own movie screenings at the website, such as the So. Cal meetup and the Chattanooga meetup! Not on the site? Signing up is free and allows you to rsvp to events going on within AIE. You can find a link to AIE’s meetup page in the show notes or go to and search Alea Iacta Est.

Rift just got their patch! Finally 1.8 is out and Telara is updated! This is a fairly large patch and changes several things within the game including: talents and abilities, a new armor slot, new crafting recipes, a ranking system, and several bug fixes! For more information check out the patch notes on the Rift forums.

It’s time to COOP again! In honor of Armed Forces Day on May 19th, Alachaas will be leading a COOP run against the Alliance. Time to be determined. Keep your eyes on the AIE Azeroth forums for more information.

For those of you looking to explore the hidden secret locations of Azeroth, Thyatira will be holding an Azerothian Expedition this Saturday, May 5th at 2pm server time. Come join in on the mystical magical carpet ride to these secluded locations.

Nerdtacular tickets are now on sale! updated yesterday with a link to the ticket seller Eventbrite. The tickets are $32.59 each which includes all the fun fees and taxes.

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guests, AIE WoW Game Director Lanctharus and newest Praetorian Thyatira.


Hello I am Lanctharus, are you suffering from Diablo III DT’s?  Because I sure am.  Need demon killing fix soon…..  Cannot wait the 14 days.  I haz a sad.

First of May, first of May, outdoor f… Um I mean it’s the first of the May (not even 24 hours)  and we already have 50 people applying for membership.  Holy poop!  Also we wanted to call upon the membership to plan and run guild events.  For example a few years ago Despair a for

Salus is more than 50% into Level 9 and has 339 total characters.  Way to go!

Our gold cash flow is still looking very good.  We have over 2.4 million gold in our banks.  Incoming gold has dipped a bit but we are still very much in the black.

We currently have nearly 7K characters amongst all the co-guilds and we guesstimate that that number represents nearly 2K individual member accounts.  We soon plan to start up our own banana dictatorship.

All Hail the AIE banana republic!

Speaking of malevolent overlords, even more AIE officers are succumbing to our new pony overlords.  Derpy is still the best pony!  And big props to all our bronies and pegasisters who stop by and say hello in Vent.  Brohoof!

And just for fun, let’s ask Thyatira random questions!


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanc and Thy for joining us! Next week we’ll be talking to the members of AIE Steam!

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Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…

Epic Diapers
Ask Miss Mulgra
SWTOR Crew skills academy
Alludra’s pets
Overly Dramatic News
Things I learned in EvE
Hunter talk

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