AIE Podcast Ep 94

UMAMI officially launches courtesy of Stigg, Lanctharus SHOCKINGLY talks about Ponies, and we get some updated information related to the community! All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the NEW AIE Podcast…

World of Warcraft has a new officer! Welcome to Hunts the Wind! Please remember to check your sanity at the door, and everyone please send him your well-wishes and condolences in the forums.

Four waves of mists of pandaria beta invites have gone out! If you haven’t gotten in yet, check your email and battle net account! Blizz seems to be inviting more people by the day! And I hear they are still handing out betas for that other game too…

Alea Iacta Est Salus within WoW will be opening as of 11pm server time this friday! There is still time to get your toon on the list, send a mail to and we’ll get ya moved during the launch party! Check all the details here!

Nerdtacular kickstarter update! Check the link for more details, but its doing great! Currently sitting at more than 350% funding! let’s see if we can hit 400% before this thing is done! 21 days to go!

Speaking of Nerdtacular weekend, Reddcap from AIE Invictus wants to invite AIE and anyone else going to Nerdtacular to join us on a tour of the “Utah Truffles” chocolate factory on Friday June 22nd at 7:00 pm.  Details can be found on the “All Things Edible” podcast website here:

AIE Raid Wrapup is always looking for more teams and submissions! Sihx asked if I could give a plug, and he was kind enough to pick up the Mantle where Kolt and I left it, so make sure to check the raiding forums or email with your raid team information! It’s rather hard to grab current Raid Team information with a GROUP of folks, let alone doing it all on his own!

You’re level 50 in SW:TOR huh? Not sure what to do? Seems like you’re not the only one, there is a thread on the forums that have a bunch of ideas and folks that are also looking for the same. Take a look and gather up!

Stigg –

  • Initial roll-out of UMAMI.
  • Currently, the system is simply an application system.
  • Things that Stigg should be fixing instead of podcasting
    • Merging of accounts.
    • EVE Applications
    • Officer listing.
    • Trouble ticketing system.
  • Things you should know
    • Applications are static, single-use things.
    • We will be adding the ability to “delete” characters.
    • Don’t put in applications for characters for toons that are in the guild but don;t show up in your listing.  Let us know which ones are missing via e-mail.  (SWtOR is an exception).

And of course your officers can be found at :

  • Forums re-shuffle.

Lanc – Did I mention I am in the beta?  Yes, No?  Well hahaha on me.  It keeps crashing on me but pandas females are ADORABLE! A- it crashes  A LOT

Lanc- Let’s talk names.  We wanted to remind people that we do have policies that we use when reviewing applications and if your name just happens to have a proclivity to be on Urban Dictionary, odds are it will be rejected.  Yes folks the officers have the UD app on their phones.

Lanc – All goes well with the guild bank repairs.  People are using it and the coffers have not emptied.  In fact we are very definitely in the black.  The amount offered to members for all their cohort level toons will be held at the daily 15 gold per day level until we see how the run up to Mist of Panderia affects our cash flow.

  • For folks with repair bills greater than 15G please chose to repair one piece of gear

Lanc – In regards to Vent etiquette
There has been a lot of questions lately about what is and is not proper to discuss in Vent.  We attempt break it down for folks in an attempt clear the air,

  • Avoid profanity in common rooms
  • Avoid discussion of inflammatory topics
  • The importance of knowing your audience
  • Of course the rules relax a bit once you are in a private DnD channel and folks in the channel are ok with salty talk

Lanc – I am happy to report that the AIE Steam group has grown to over 600 members.  Please follow the links in the Community section of the AIE Forums for links.

Lanc –, have you heard of it?  We have over 100 members who have registered with the service designed to help organize regional and local meet ups for the community.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Lanctharus and Stigg for joining us!

Next week we’ll be talking to Rift

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…

Overly Dramatic News
Real Azerothian Heroes
Epic Diapers
Ask Miss Mulgra
Hunter Talk
Alludra’s Non Combat Pets
Things I Learned in EVE
AIE Raid Wrapup

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