AIE Podcast Ep 92

Guild LFR runs, AIE invades PAX East, we talk Star Wars with Emperor Pelell, and the pandas are coming! The pandas are coming!  All that and more coming up right now. THIS is the NEW AIE Podcast…


Guild LFR Runs! If you are a WoW player with a Looking For Raid-ready toon, but can’t stand the childish antics of the typical LFR, you may want to join in the weekly AIE LFR runs.  There’s actually a couple  every week, but I know for sure one of them runs on Wednesday evenings around 8pm server time. It usually gets underway pretty fast, but for the last couple of weeks they’ve had to wait a bit to fill the last open spots, so there’s definitely room for more.

Mists of pandaria beta! In case you haven’t heard the beta for the next World of Warcraft panda has started sending out invites! If you opted into the annual pass, check your account on and your Battlenet email address to see if you can join in on all the beta testing fun!

Also about to arrive: Diablo 3! Annual pass members can download the game client now by logging into their Battle.Net account. The game will be launch on May 15th. We’re still investigating how to implement AIE in Diablo 3, given the limited number of players per game and lack of current information on how Blizzard will implement guilds, but you can be assured AIE will have a presence of some sort.

The carnival of the ascended in rift is still going on. If you haven’t been in game, it is a 5 week event that celebrates Rift’s one year birthday!  There are new rift events, daily quests, items, pets to collect, and a quest chain involved! Subscribers to the game get  XP and rep bonuses and Rift Lite players can still participate!

Pax East is coming soon! If people have never been to PAX or PAX East, it’s quite a spectacle and TONS of attendees! There will probably be quite a few folks from AIE going to this particular gathering, so check the forums for details!

We’d like to take a moment to congratulate guild member Appocolyptic and family for their new addition Lauren Olivia! On behalf of everyone here congratulations! Let us know if she’s a tank, healer or DPS! Everyone can give their own personal well wishes on the forums in the thread “new baby in AIE”.

Mkallah is in the hot seat on the forums as she’s being featured in this installment of the officer’s corner. The thread is in the community section of the AIE forums. Find out fun facts about Mkallah such as how many shoes she owns and ask her anything you want to know!

EvE online got a new patch. The game now has a new launcher, the rookie ships have changed, there are new places to explore, tons of bug fixes and a bunch of other stuff that greatly impact your spreadsheet in space experience! Check the patch notes at

For those of you anxiously awaiting an invite into AIE, hang in there. Our new membership system will be up and ready to take new members on April 1st!  No fooling! And speaking of Aprils Fools, those of you who have endured past April Fools events in AIE will want to get a good grip on your sanity before this year’s event hits. That’s all I’m gonna say.

For more details on all these news events, see the show notes with links to all forum postings and other related material.

This just in. Would the member of the live chat room driving the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth please check your vehicle? Apparently she was expecting, and now you have a new sub-compact. Also, bring a mop.

And with that, let’s welcome this week’s guests…


[Guests, please give us a few talking points in this section for the information you’d like to cover. This is the two of your show for the next 15-20 minutes!]

What have you been doing in game recently? Got my JK to 50, and stepped into my first Op last week. Did EV last night with LoL and completely cleared it. Contemplating starting a 16 man and looking for ranged dps. Check the forums for a thread in the near future.

Current Numbers~ 2167 Imperial, 792 Republic. A note that invites “should” open back up on the 1st of April, barring any unforeseen issues with UMAMI. Invites will only be open during the first week of the month from here on out. We will be culling toons that are inactive for over 60 days, and under the minimum level requirement.

Recent Guild Events~ Wompa Club Run Sunday 3/18/12 See the forums for pics.

Guild Summit Recap~ Blah, blah, blah… talky talky

AIE SWTOR Kickstarter event~ The way to fund purchasing guild tabs for the banks once 1.2 goes live. Give details. Mention a raffle may also be in the future. Would have liked to do it for the white and purple crystals since they will be going away, but the cost per ticket could have been pricey in order for us to break even, not to mention coming out ahead. See the forums for more info.

Upcoming Events~ Craft Faire w/ Sophi,
Durus doing an Artificing Crafting event,
PVP Mentor event w/ Gallibond Saturday, March 31st at 9:00 p.m. server.


And that’s our show for tonight, We want to thank Pelell for joining us!

Next week we’ll be talking to [Fill in guests]

Stay tuned, as we’ve got some great AIE member segments coming right up, including…

Overly Dramatic News
Ask Miss Mulgra
Alludra’s Non-Combat Pets -SWTOR edition
Things I Learned in EVE
Hunter Talk!

Note from Takemikazuch:

To all listeners,

Most of you know of my segment work on the AIE Podcast and the Convert to Raid podcast for my achievement segments: Epic Achievements and Epic Raiding Achievements respectively. Recently I was interviewed and accepted for a job in the field of electronic maintenance, and as such I will be making a major transition from my current job to my new job.

As a result of this transition period, Epic Achievements and Epic Raiding Achievements will be going on hiatus temporarily until the end of this busy time frame. Hopefully if things progress smoothly, it should be only for a month, maybe two. It is hard to tell when dealing with the real life boss rearing it’s ugly head.

I appreciate the support of both the AIE podcast community and the Convert to Raid community over the last few months of doing these segments, the wonderful comments from those who have listened to them, and of course to the hosts of the aforementioned podcasts. I promise I shall return with bigger and better achievements for everyone to listen to once things have settled down.

Respectfully yours, 


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