AIE’s Day of Remembrance

Bruce Galloway, aka Milliway

Bruce Galloway was an early member of AIE who passed away on August 2, 2007. His character, Milliway, is permanently fixed at the second-highest rank in the guild: Imperator. He was a fan of AIE on a level that cannot be overstated, and a good friend and kind soul to all who new him.

One the day of his death we assembled and held a vigil in game. This vigil soon became our guild’s yearly tradition to honor him and every guild member who has been taken from us such as Adam Cartwright (aka Bohde) who we lost earlier this year.

We have decided to mark the date of August 2nd as a permanent guild holiday. We invite all our members to please assemble at the Shrine of the Fallen Hero on Monday,  August 2nd at 11:00 PM server time in the Barrens (27, 29) so that we may pay our respect to our fallen friends.

As our tradition dictates we ask that those attending carry no weapons unless you are escorting lower level characters to keep them safe.

For our friends.