Author: Vanflicke ( @vanflicke_gamer )


DevTalk Livestream for 14.2

The devs gathered around Frelorn’s computer to hold the curtain aside for a few minutes on what will drop in 14.2 (next week!). Hint: play Sam as he tries to help Frodo through the Dead Marshes and prevent Gollum from killing […]


Free Keys – gear, xp and rep boosts, and more!

While it lasts, (remember is giving away free stuff for starting in LoTRO! Get your first cos-gear, a mount(!!!!), riding training, experience and reputation boosts, potions, and all the bits and bobs that starting characters need to get […]


LoTRO 7th Anniversary is Live – and Extended

The 7th Anniversary began on April 26th.

It’s a time when the denizens of Middle Earth celebrate. Raise a pint and fire a pipe to join others enjoying life for life’s sake.

What is the big deal about the Anniversary? Well….you can earn and win great stuff!


How About a Hobbit Sandwich?

New Player Bonus Rewards AIE has grown into a fourth game, Lord of the Rings Online. With this steady stream of new players in LotRO for AIE, it has created a bubble of players all around the same level. For […]