Author: Sindrake


The Secret World – Pay Once, Play Forever!

That’s right, as of Dec. 12, 2012, The Secret World no longer requires a subscription!  For only $30 all players get full access to the entire TSW base game, plus Issues #1 through #4, as well as Issue #5 for anyone […]


The Secret World Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple is Now Live!

Highlights: The Secret World’s first raid, set in New York City Massive PvP enhancements The Albion Theatre, an open toolbox which allows players to organize and perform shows New Auxiliary weapon: the Chainsaw! Three new missions Eight new Lair missions […]


The Secret World’s Halloween Event is Now Live!

Three new Halloween missions are available. A phone call from Madame Rogêt will get you started. The Meowling Crossing the Black Path The Cat God This is all just a part of update 1.3.2 which also includes seasonal achievements and […]


The Secret World 50% Off This Weekend

Only $24.99, directly from Funcom.  Conveniently coinciding with this week’s release of Issue #3: The Cat God, now is a great time to join AIE in The Secret World!


The Secret World – Issue #2: Digging Deeper Now Live!

The Secret World’s much anticipated update, Digging Deeper, went  live today! Among the list of new content and features are: A plastic surgeon and barber shop, adding a much greater selection of character customization options New investigation and action missions […]