Author: Ralff


AIE is in Diablo 3

  Alright, this is kind of old news, but AIE has a Diablo 3 gaming community! For information about the community, and how to join, take a look at the wiki page


The AIE Cookbook is here!

Our first ever AIE cookbook is out and available at the Frogpants Store! It contains many high-quality Scott Johnson comics on the topic of food or food-like products AND recipes for food & drink from our own AIE guild mates–suitable […]


Guild Wars 2 Tuesday Night Event for AIE 6th Anniversary

What: AIE March Through Tyria. When: Tuesday Night, February 12,  9pm EST Where: Assemble at the Mustering Ground Waypoint in the Black Citadel. We all love the way this game rewards working together–so with that in mind, we are holding […]


AIE 6th Anniversary

Six years ago a small group of podcasterly folks formed a World of Warcraft guild named alea iacta est. It grew quickly, and has not stopped. We have grown into a few thousand players playing multiple games.  To celebrate our […]


What’s going on with the AIE Ventrilo?

Arveshet asked in our forums: “WoW, what’s happening to Vent? Is there a limit on the number of rooms and that’s why all the common areas have been cut back to one room? Not to mention the naming of the […]


AIE Gaming Community Town Hall Minutes (Oct 26, 2012)

The AIE Town Hall was held at 10pm EDT, in the Town Hall room of our AIE Ventrilo, as well as in the Ventrilo chat.  Approximately 140 members in attendance. Council member Ralff led the meeting.